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Faith Is Believing

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“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  Hebrews 11:1 NIV

My interpretation:

Now faith is trust in God in what we hope  for and certain about what we do not see.

Confidence and assurance by the, “Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary Revised Edition”, can be translated with many words and phrases.  However, “trust in God” and “certain” are words I hold onto.

Faith has been a test for me while struggling with an auto-immune illness called Scleroderma for over eight years asking why, while knowing that question is not to be questioned.  Remembering God doesn’t give me anything I cannot handle.  However, I started questioning my faith.  Thinking of my illness as a punishment or trial I had to overcome to gain acceptance.  I felt alone, scared, restricted and powerless, even though I know God is in control.

The past eight years have taught me how to build my faith.  It’s not seeing is believe; it’s believing is seeing.  I began thinking this phrase through the long drive doctor visits, chemotherapy medication, tests, and body inadequacies.  Inner peace didn’t happen overnight or within a few years.  I struggled finding a steady balance with my disappointments, heart aches, and no motivation, that the direction my life was going.  As the years passed, despite my condition and health insurance denials.  I look towards dawn; a new beginning to each day.  A time for me to reflect God’s grace, mercy, and love.  I do not dwell on my issues, but on how I can help others, whether it may be a small or bigger need.  Taking what I learned from my experience to be a blessing to others.

What does your faith reflect from you?  Do you have your own phrase you hold onto too, seeking your faith to grow stronger?

Keep in mind, trials of this life question our faith; drag us down in in relentless everyday challenges.  God’s reaching out and assuring our faith in every aspect of our lives, we just have to believe to see.

Lord, may your words of truth provide our stepping stones in holding our faith close to our hearts.  Allow our faith to grow stronger as we trust in our relationship with you.


My name is Angelika DeFrancesco.  I was born in San Diego California.  I moved every four years as my father moved up the corporate ladder, learning many cultural backgrounds.  I spent my High School years in New Jersey; eventually met my husband and we moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, where we raised our five children.  

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, running, baking, cooking, and all creative arts.  I have written many projects of all genres as an aspiring writer.  I am currently an author for  A member of Faithwriters.  I am also studying the MFA book in creative writing, from the New York Writers Workshop and have attended the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group (GLVWG) workshops, the Writer’s Market and The Muse Online Writers Conference. 

 I love to express my faith in God and know he is all around me, no matter where I am, or what the situation maybe.  Learning to spread his word inspires me to want to do more in my world of writing. 

You may reach Angelika at:

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