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Extravagant Salvation (A True Story)

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Extravagant Salvation (A True Story) By Karen Elengikal

Torrential rain plummets from heaven’s storehouse. Its sound thunders like the roar of a mighty waterfall. It is always an unbelievable sight, as sheets of water literally fall out of the sky, deluging the entire region. Nothing unusual though for Bombay! This downpour is a yearly spectacle, so regular in it’s onset that you could set your clocks by it!
Bombay’s Monsoonal Weather
Tempered from centuries of monsoonal weather, Bombay’s residents know well its ways and the necessary adjustments needed to live and survive this yearly tempest. Its furious personality, impenetrable, unyielding, with unabating rain falling for hours on end, causes the muted daylight hours in the city to become a living, liquid mass of humanity donned in a gaudy array of multi-coloured umbrellas and weather proof clothing.
During the night hours, the entire populace is lulled to sleep by the incessant drone of the heavy rain. It’s impossible for life to cease with the five-month long dumping, so the cities’ residents have learned to continue on regardless, with life’s normal activities.
It’s 10.30pm and on the 6th floor of a residential block in the heart of Bombay, George (my beloved husband), Gabriel and Vijay stare out the window in amazement. Today the rain is much heavier than usual. Vijay, an educated 45 year old Hindu from an outlying area, had recently come to Bombay in search of employment. For the last month he has been in frequent contact with George and a group of active Christians that live and worship in the building. Being drawn to the Lord, Vijay often joined the Christians in their worship and prayer meetings, although George suspected that he had not really accepted the Lord.
Already now very late in the evening, Gabriel, a Christian brother, needs to return to his home for the night – a walking distance of 15 minutes. With no umbrella, he would be soaked to the skin within seconds of entering the street.
How will I go home in this rain?” Gabriel lamented.
“We’ll pray.” George suggested.
“Lord, Block the Rain!”
Together George and Gabriel prayed asking the Lord to hold back the rain until he could arrive home. Immediately after prayer, the men looked eagerly out through the window. Nothing had changed! Prompted by the Lord, George boldly announced, “Go down to the ground floor and when you reach the door, just as you place your foot out into the street, the rain will stop completely.” Bidding goodnight to George and Vijay, Gabriel made his way out of the building. Watching from the window, the two men waited for Gabriel to arrive at the building’s front entrance, which was clearly visible from their lofty vantage point. Emerging at the doorway, Gabriel stopped and waved to George and Vijay peering at him from their window. Still no change in the rain.
Suddenly Gabriel lunged out into the deluge. Abruptly the rain halted! It was as if a tap had been turned off. The ground was submerged in fast-flowing water, but not a drop hung in the air. Together the two astounded men watched Gabriel until he disappeared at the end of the road and then veer off in the direction of his house. Turning to Vijay, George said, “It will take 15 minutes for Gabriel to reach his home. In 15 minutes time the rain will resume, just as it had been before.”
Lingering in silence at the window, George and Vijay waited for the outcome. George believed the Word from God and Vijay, a Hindu, lost in his thoughts, was profoundly confronted with a real God who hears and answers the prayer of mere men.
Exactly 15 minutes later the deluge abruptly resumed as if it had never ceased! In witnessing this miraculous event – the rain stopping and starting in response to prayer made to ‘Jesus’, Vijay was convicted, pierced to his heart. A flood of tears coursed down his face. Shaken to the core, he reached out, holding George’s hand tightly, seeking support. Emotionally and mentally undone, Vijay was speechless, overcome by the reality of God. The Hindu’s face reflected his startling inner thoughts: Monsoonal rain stopping and starting like that is utterly impossible, unheard of, except … by a GOD, a God who does hear and answer prayer! Since my childhood days I have paid homage to many gods, seeking their favour, begging for their help, but … with no response, not even once! This Jesus is real!
Sealed Forever!
Vijay’s wholehearted conversion to Christ was sealed forever by the intervention of a prayer hearing, miracle working God. What our God will do to prove His love and reality to His creation is amazing! In His sight, the inestimable value of one life, so compelling – the salvation of just one man, so extravagantly won!
What a mighty God we serve.1 Thessalonians 1:9; 1:4-5. NIV: “They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God. For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction.”

Karen Elengikal is a published writer and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Karen’s articles and stories appear in 5 books to date, in numerous Christian magazines and ezines and her own book, “Kidz Battle Zone” is to be released in Australia on 07/07/07. Her series of 12 illustrated children’s stories, “The Adventures of Bobi Giraffe”, will be released in 2008.

Karen has been a missionary in Papua New Guinea and in India for 8 years. She met her husband George and married him there in 1993. Since then they have been blessed with 7 beautiful sons. Karen and her family are currently living in Australia, but they plan to return to India in 2007 to resume their ministry.
Karen’s background is in graphic design which has well suited her creative talents in Photo Artistry. Her website, ˜Godinspired-PhotoArt.com” has been created to provide ongoing support for their missions work in India and in the nations.

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