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Consider This… The Life and Testimony of Thomas A. Robinson, As Shared by His Family

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One evening in December of 1971, I visited a friend with whom I had been out of touch for a year and a half. I heard that he had become involved with hallucinogenic drugs, but that was not the reason I went to see him. However, when I arrived, I found him on the couch in his living room, engrossed in a television nature show. The show was all about different kinds of spiders and how they weave their webs, and he was absolutely fascinated by it.

By his comments, I knew he was perceiving details that would have gone unnoticed except to a scientific and artistically trained eye. His clothes were different too, and his hair was longer…instead of that good old “Rock and Roll” we had always listened to, he now preferred the screeching sounds of “Hard (English) Rock” groups and “Black “Blues”. This was completely out of character for him. What in the world had happened? I thought he was crazy.

When I asked him why he was so interested in these things, he went to his bedroom and brought back a little purple pill that he said was a drug called Mescaline, but which was actually “Purple Haze” LSD. Months later he confessed that he had lied to me, because he knew if he had called it by its right name, I would not have taken it.

Mescaline didn’t seem so bad, and he looked like he was in control of himself…so I took it.

I do not want to glorify hallucinogenic drugs in any way, because I have seen first hand what they can do to people who take them. They are more dangerous than you know. If you sense any glowing praise of them in these articles, it is only from the point of view of someone who knows their deceptive qualities very well.

But I want to be honest and scientifically removed when I speak of what they did to me and to others who survived them relatively unharmed, and who ended with the truth of Jesus Christ.

Hallucinogenic drugs were a definite phenomenon that marked the beginning of the “New Age”…(the “New “Age” being the final and most deceptively evil years in history of our present age). The “New Age” years are the climax of our sinful history and will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ.

These particular drugs were the satanic tool that produced (in the influential and Christianized Western World) a powerful, spell-like, “antichrist” delusion…and it was this delusion that set in motion the spread of a necessary and increasingly evil moral and spiritual climate through which a “False Messiah” could eventually rise to power and rule the world (II Thessalonians 2). Please read that chapter.

The spread of this “antichrist” delusion was allowed by God because of the shortness of time remaining. It would quickly separate those who loved the truth of the Gospel, from those who did not.

Isaiah 59:19…”When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” For those like myself who wanted the truth, hallucinogenic drugs could not deceive them for long. For God actually used their powerful influence on certain people to his own advantage.

Hallucinogenic drugs, can in a way, be compared to the fruit of “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” in Genesis 3. That forbidden fruit had the ability to impart spiritual knowledge into the minds of those who ate from it. But it was a loaded gun that bestowed its understanding of sublime goodness, by placing in the mind of a comparable understanding of sublime evil.

But our God is always a step ahead of everything…for in all of this, (through the original forbidden fruit and its deeper end-time counterpart) he found, (for those who chose to survive through the cross of Jesus Christ) a way to raise-up a brand new creature for eternity…a creature who because of a lived-out understanding of the depths and the causes and effects of good and evil, would because of that increased understanding, actually judge the angels in heaven (I Corinthians 6:3).

This new creation would be called “A Saint”, and (without getting into more detail at this time) he would act as a wise and experienced, eternal witness, whose allegiance to God had been thoroughly tested by fire…a kind of understood buffer-zone between the Almighty and any future accusing angels regarding the unspeakable consequences of the heavenly rebellion that they had all just come through.

That night in 1971 was the beginning of the very end for me… Like the final stage of death for the ugly caterpillar, just before its transformation into a radiant new life.

That first LSD trip at my friend’s house was pure adventure. Focused thoughts raced through my mind with no effort on my part whatsoever. My brain was like a runaway computer, analyzing everything and everybody in great detail, and always searching for the “bottom line”…the source…the ultimate reason or the absolute.

For brief moments I could sometimes comprehend things that went far beyond human capability. For example…one thought I remember (after I had found God) was how all light is God—how every light that exists (even Satan’s perversion of it) is God’s light. From the glorious light is God…how every light that exists (even Satan’s perversion of it) is God’s light.

From the glorious light that surrounds his throne in heavenly realms, to the twinkling stars in space, to our golden sun, all the way down to a lighted match, a common light bulb, and even a lowly firefly. For one fleeting moment I understood how God is all light and that without Him there is nothing but blackness (I John 1:5). Under the influence, I was able to grasp every connection at the same time. But it was entirely too much for any human mind to retain.

Another quality of hallucinogenics was that they made people seem plastic. An ordinary TV commercial for example, revealed nothing but the friendly salesman’s true motives… Buy now!…Good deal!…Cheap!…Low down-payment!…Won’t last!…Hurry in now! These were the absolutes and everything else that was said was phony and you didn’t even hear it.

What could be seen was everybody’s personal conning style for getting whatever it was that they were selfishly after…For these drugs bestowed an enormous ability to see right through the heart of people. A twitch of the eye or an ever so slight out of time facial expression or gesture, or the subtle emphasis of a particular word or a thousand other clues, made it virtually impossible to be fooled by any ulterior motive. It was because of this drug induced insight that people under their influence insisted on absolute honesty.

It was, to say the least, all marvelously exciting and often hilarious. “Mind expanding” drugs is what they were called, and to be sure…that is what they were.

Technically, it seems to me that what these drugs did was slow down, or completely stop the forward movement of time. Before the “Fall of Man” in Genesis 3, there was no time. The sun rose and set each day without a sense of forward movement. There was no such things as progress as we know it, for life consisted of eternal, blissful fellowship with God.

“Time” in our physical universe, I believe, entered with human sin. What I experienced on hallucinogenic drugs, was the “time” is some kind of strange, hyper-speed forward, relatively thick and heavy, fluid moving dimensional barrier between us and the spirit worlds…and that it is more of a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon, that resides more within us than without.

It can also be seen as a supernatural vehicle that entraps our sinful world system and moves it and us collectively forward toward a great climax of sin.

This is necessary to know, because it was this quality in these drugs of slowing down or stopping time that made it possible not only to perceive every detail in this world, but (for some people) to actually transcend time and penetrate the next world…whether heaven or hell.

Between December of 1971 and June of 1972, I averaged at lease one LSD trip a week…and because it was all so new and fascinating, I didn’t think about my spiritual condition during that time. There was so much I was learning about other things, and so many new people in my life with the same interests and outlook, that self-analysis and guilt ceased to have a place in my thoughts.

Every trip was a new learning experience and everything was deceptively wonderful. It was like being a child…for the world was young and beautiful and full of meaning again.

Leslie Robinson Olson was born and raised in a very strict Christian home. She remembers being 3 years old when her parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Leslie remembers her dad’s passion and love as being art and music, and apparently he passed that on to her. Leslie says “It seemed that I lived and breathed music, it was engrained into my soul.”, as she remembers Christian music being played in the house continually.

Leslie was 6 years old when she first accepted Christ into her heart, and she remembers there being a blind man by the name of Al Crocker (an evangelist) who was a guest speaker at Church that night. Leslie remembers Brother Crocker giving his testimony and an alter call. He prayed and asked if there was anyone who wanted to come to know Jesus Christ. He asked anyone interested to come down to the altar so that he could pray over them. Leslie sat in the pew with her family and remembers feeling a warmth over her body and she began to weep and walked to the altar and, with the help of Al Crocker, asked Jesus into her heart.

Leslie began to play the piano at the age of 6 and continued through 19 years of age. She gives this account “ I struggled to read notes, and I would end up memorizing my music. I would ask my teacher to play it for me first, and then I would play it. It was easier for me to play after I was able to hear it. When I was 16 years old I was finally getting good enough to where I was finding out what kind of music my style and passion was. I remember praying, “Lord, I want to play like Keith (Green) did, and have the same anointing as he did.”

I sat and studied his technique until I had drilled it into my head, and it was in my soul. I began playing at church for worship. People began coming and asking me how do I play the way that I do? I said, “I play by ear, and I had good teachers, one of whom was very patient with me. I took lessons until the age of 19, and then I went to a worldwide missionary organization called Youth With A Mission.”

“Right now, I am a single mother with two teenage children. I am waiting on the Lord to fulfill the next chapters in my life that He has written. I strongly feel that I am supposed to begin blogging my father’s testimony and articles. He had the most amazing gift of evangelism through teaching the Bible, thoroughly explaining it , and how to apply it to our everyday lives. He was a very humble man who did factory work for a living, but never missed an opportunity to tell anyone he could who Jesus is and how He loved them so much, that He shed His blood and died on the cross for their sins, so that He could have companionship with them through all eternity.

He had a heart for the youth, as he believed the enemy goes after the youth more than anything, to try to destroy any possibility of bringing forth men and women of God. I remember having so many people, young and old in our home, from the time I can remember, as a small child to the day he died. He and my mother helped disciple many , and to this day we still hear their stories of their fondness of my parents and thankfulness to God for the influence my parents had in their lives. My dad died in May of 2001 after suffering and battling Prostate Cancer for two years. I thank God each and every day for giving me the parents that I have, and for using them in my own personal life and in the lives of many others, for The Kingdom of God.”

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