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2014 Christmas Contest: The Composer’s Song

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by Glenn Hascall

A broadcast veteran and published author Hascall has been honored to contribute to over 100 books for publishers like Bethany House, Thomas Nelson, Regal and Barbour. Hascall is also very involved as a voice actor and has performed in over 200 audio dramas. His greatest delights are his relationship with Jesus, his wife Nancy, and two teenage children. 

The Composer’s Song

I came to life in response to love. I conduct a symphony only I could write.

The songs I play includes heartbreak, but is abundant in awe. My songs only played live once, but those who heard them often sing what they remember.

The song began long before my first breath. I am the composer who lived my own composition, but this was the only way – so the beat played on.

In the dark, the song told the story of comfort and joy. It spoke to the truth of life and the promise of a future. It spoke in unhurried lullabies. It spoke of purpose, perspective, and provision.

The symphony carried with it each note, beat, and crescendo that developed the greatest of life-songs. Sometimes gentle and harmonious, the song brought reassurance. Sometimes epic, the song foretold the miraculous. Always, the song brought comfort.

The songs gave rest. The songs encouraged adventure. Each song bore the music theme of love. The melody grew incessant. The volume increased. Anticipation camped at the edges of each chorus.

This was my song, but the first movement was nearly complete. There was something entirely new coming, and, as much as I loved the first self-contained masterpiece I was ready for more.

Then the song expressed an urgency. Like waves on the ocean the song rose to  a mighty roar and then subsided. Again and again every instrument seemed to join in the musical dance. Sometimes the song sounded discordant then grew quiet as it waited for delicate instruments to introduce joy into the stillness only to be overtaken in a new roar of expectation.

With one deafening crescendo I added tympani as other instruments rose for the finale of this remarkable movement. As composer/singer I emerged from the dark and beheld new senses. I could hear in new ways, I could make noise, I could taste, and I could smell. This discovery only seemed to add to the beauty of the songs I was born to share.

My miracle song was a masterpiece that brought mankind to God’s holy throne, welcomed the least among men to become children of God, and offered hope when their own songs were off key.

When mankind seeks a quiet place to listen to the rhythm of each heartbeat they may begin to recognize my songs. Children understand them. Old men and women wish they had listened more often. Young men and women sometimes think the songs are old and outdated. Accept my invitation. Get to know me. Learn my songs.

I live because I love. My songs were written before my first breath. My songs are powerful enough to be embraced by millions. I’ve taught others the songs I wrote, the songs I lived, the songs  embraced by both God and man.

Songs – introduced – with my own heartbeat.



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