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A New Beginning

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What is this I behold, shyly, quietly peeking up at me?
Through the roughened, weather-beaten soil, appears a promise, though so small in size–
like Elijah’s little cloud, it holds the foretelling of better things to come.
So fresh and so green, sharply does its tiny shape stand out against
the darkened environment from which it emerges–
even as newly awakened hope cautiously pushes up from the grim realm
where I have dwelt too long.

To breathe freely and laugh abundantly;
to love life and throw my whole being with zest into its strong current,
treasuring its fullness, with utter enthusiasm to flow ever forward, ever onward–
these have been lost to me somewhere in my nethermost wanderings.
For I have done what I should do and said what I should say–
A life set on automatic pilot with no real heart–more dead than alive,
feeling a certain kinship with the grey, barren branches of winter trees,
wondering if Spring will ever come again for me.

And when I had reached the outer limits of numb, restrained desperation,
bumping up against the rocks of hopelessness and could go no farther,
there appeared to me this lovely vision of long-forgotten life–
a little green shoot pushing valiantly and steadily upwards,
moving soil many times its weight,
refusing to quit until it had touched sun radiance, and rejoicing in just being.
Strange what deep emotions this tiny plant caused
within the caverns of my grieving heart.

“Hope on–have faith in the One Who created us both,” it seemed to say.
“This bountiful Lord is the Author of new beginnings, of which I am a testimony.”
“Fear not,” it encouraged, “you will live again.
The dark chambers that have held your heart captive, even as this soil has held me,
must yield to the irresistible draw of Light–
For His Light gives us strength in the darkness to push upward in faith,
knowing that one day we will be embraced by its fullness.
Thus it has been for me and thus it will be as well for you, oh, planting of the Lord.”

Within my darkened heart appeared a dawning of lighted promise,
as faith pushed upward through the stubborn soil
of doubts and fears, unbelief and tears, anger and despair,
and, at last, broke through to Heaven’s air into His glorious Light.
Though darkness may try, it can never, ever extinguish this Light.
For one little ray of Light has within its slim finger,
more power than any long, dark winter of the soul,
and all the ragings of Hell itself.

O, Light of God, O, Lover of my soul, help me in the darkness to trust
what I have known when all has been brightness.
Shine on behind the heavy storm clouds of my life,
that I may see a glimmer of Your radiant hue
and know that all is well because I am in You.

Steady my shaky heart, O God, that I may not yield to the darkness,
though at times it seems overwhelming;
but like that hearty little plant, may I press continually upward
into Your Light-filled Presence–
to rest my weary heart in You and find once again,
a time of new beginning and abundant life.

Because You died and rose–You came, so I could truly live again.
Cradled in Your tender arms of Light,
I can trust You completely through this dark night,
till joy comes in the morning.

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