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Dorothea Montegue

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Dorothea Montegue
By Betty Overstreet

Dorothea Montegue


I am always meeting remarkable people, however, this past week I feel that I found a real treasure.
Webster’s New World Dictionary tells us a treasure is: A person or thing considered valuable. I believe Dorothea Montegue is definitely considered valuable in Gods eyes and heart.
 I was surfing the Internet last week and discovered there is a book with almost the same name as my first book, The Lord Still Speaks, are you listening? Dorothea is the author and the name of her book is; THE LORD IS SPEAKING, ARE YOU LISTENING?
I was so excited when I visited her web site, I had to email her immediately to find out more about her. She was kind enough to respond to my note very quickly and a new friendship has been born, though we live far apart. Dorothea lives in Alberta, Canada.
Seems I am forever encouraging people to use their spiritual gifts in the way God directs them. I get a lot of argument from people saying, “But I am too old “or “But I don’t have any spiritual gifts”. Dorothea is a perfect example of age having nothing to do with following God’s direction to win souls;
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of theHoly Ghost: Matthew 28:19 KJV
 Ms. Montegue is nearing her 87th birthday. She lives in a Senior Residential home with about one hundred residents where she stays very busy praying for all who live there. She also maintains her own web site where her book is available for all to read. The book is out of print at this time but made available through this Internet location. She wrote her book approximately twenty years ago following the realization that God wanted her to compile a manuscript of all the messages He had given her following her acceptance of Him as her personal savior. She shared with me that when she tried to arrange for her book to be in Christian Book Stores, all the stores turned her down. As she prayed, God revealed to her that she was to give them away free to people all over the world. he has followed His direction and, since all of the printed books have been given free of charge to people all over the world, she is now making it available on her web site. The following testimony is one she shared with me in an email. This will give you an idea of how she ministers each day and I have an idea it never enters her mind to say, “I am too old to use my spiritual gifts”
Yes, my dear, you may write anything you care to re: my life and I thank you for the publicity. I will just add a little to my account of my ministry here.
Some months ago I was going by the door of a new resident and the Lord said, ‘Pray for her.’ I entered her room and found a lovely Spirit-filled Christian lady, but she was in a wheel chair and on oxygen. After I prayed I said, ‘Let us storm heaven asking the Lord to take you out of this wheel chair and off oxygen”.
This we did and after 2 weeks she saw her doctor who said, “Your heart is fine and you no longer need your wheel chair or oxygen.”.   Needless to say we have been praising Him. Then we began to pray for each other for healing of diabetes and recently after tests her doctor told her she no longer had diabetes.
The Lord has told me in a night message that, as I remain faithful in ministering to these people, healing will become evident in my body. I have arthritis throughout most of my body. I have received five dramatic healings from the Lord and that story can be found on the Angelfire site under ‘From Me to You’ and click on ‘healing.   So, I have lots of faith for healing.
About six residents have received Christ in the last months but I yearn for all to come to know Him. Every morning a lady at my table would say, ”I just wish I could die” and one morning out of my mouth came the words, “;And do you know where you are going? She said no but she would like to and asked if I knew. I said, that I did and she could know that too. So I shared the salvation message, a little of my testimony and then asked if she would like to ask Jesus into her heart and she said, ‘OH YES’ and did. Never once since that time has she said she wished she could die.
What a giant harvest field I live in and my friend whom I mentioned above and I pray daily for these people.
Dorothea loves sharing God’s word with all who will listen. She personally answers each email from her web site and prays for those who request prayer. I promise you will be blessed by clicking on this link and reading all about her ministry. Perhaps she was placed at her present home to be a Guardian Angel for all who live around her, and as I said, you can read her whole book on line!

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