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Don’t X Out the Meaning of Christmas

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Don’t X Out the Meaning of Christmas
by Eva Fry

The other day I entertained for a senior organization and was shocked when I was told that we can no longer use the word Christmas, but instead must call the gathering a Holiday Party. I assume it is no longer politically correct to use the word Christ at Christmas. There is also a movement about to erase the word “God” in anything containing the word. In San Diego, at Balboa Park, an annual celebration is no longer called “Christmas on the Produe”, but rather, “December Night.”

It is strange that some underlying force is telling us, that we can no longer use these words in a positive way but wherever I go, I hear these Christian words constantly thrown at me, as profanity, on TV, in the movies and on the streets.

Why must we, who try to live a righteous life, be forced to remove our sacred words from our vocabulary? Why is it that those of us, who believe in Jesus Christ and love our God, are having the goodness, of our lives, stripped away a little at a time?

Is it because those who don’t believe feel guilty about the things they are doing and don’t want to have to face it? So if they X them out, they can pretend Jesus Christ and our God, no longer exist. If they can do that, then they don’t have to feel guilty for the evil things they do, or are a part of, or promote.

It is also happening because those of us who do believe are not letting our voices be heard. Those who want to X out the good things of life are very vocal and are making great headway in their mission to remove the good things of life. Those of us who profess to be Christians must be heard above the voices of evil and fight for the goodness of God. If we don’t we will have to live with the consequences.

I can understand, that some religions don’t believe in Jesus Christ, but what harm is there in allowing those of us who do, to honor him? Don’t we honor Jesus because of the good things he taught, like love, peace, kindness and forgiveness, things we all can enjoy, whatever our beliefs. Jesus Christ and God our Father are the bases of all the good in the world and in our lives. What do we have left if we X them out? We have this world we are now forced to live in! A world filled with anger, hatred, war, violence,

I for one will not allow the good things of life: our freedom, our families, our freedom to worship as our hearts desire, be X’d out! I will fight for the good and be thankful for my many blessings because these are the only things, which bring us happiness. Let’s X out the evil things of the world not the good! What are you doing to keep goodness in our lives and fight this evil epidemic?

Romans 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

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Eva Fry’s mission is to help others become better and happier. She is an inspirational author, singer/ songwriter/ motivational speaker and seminar leader. Eva has published three books – “YOU MUST HAVE A DREAM” -for seniors, “BE A WINNER IN LIFE”-for good kids, troubled kids and their parents. “LETTERS FROM JUVENILE HALL, KIDS HELPING KIDS” (Actual letters from kids at Juvenile Hall, intended to save other kids from destroying their lives) She invites you to use the FREE ARTICLES she has written for: at- risk kids Also FREE ARTICLES of inspiration to help meet life’s challenges. She has produced 7 Music CD’s

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