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Does Our Obedience Make Boss Look Good?

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by Donna Rogers


On a recent Sunday, I saw the Lord at work.  Not a big deal because He works every day, right?  But I marveled at this particular work because it involved me being obedient to the Holy Spirit.  It also involved thousands of other people.

The pastor of a megachurch I attended in April was speaking all month on the theme “Prioritizing Excellence as a Manager.”  The pastor looked at various Scriptures as he presented aspects of being a manager and an employee.  Though I had an opportunity to share a poem I’d written with the pastor all month,  it wasn’t until the Holy Spirit prompted me on April 27 did I share what I had on April 28 … the last Sunday.

I had written a poem called “The Manager” in 2008 while I was poet laureate at a church in South Bend, Ind.  I had not even thought about sharing the poem with anyone until the Holy Spirit’s prompting.  I copied the poem and wrote a letter to go with it, making sure I had it ready for that Sunday morning.

At one point on that Sunday, it appeared circumstances would prevent me from attending the service.  However, God showered me with favor and I was able to get to the church and give the poem to an administrative assistant to the pastor.  Mission accomplished!Man adjusting tie, stock photo

I presumed the pastor would look at the poem and letter after the service and file it away among the many correspondences he receives.  I certainly didn’t think he would acknowledge the poem during the service.  I didn’t count on God having other plans.

Near the beginning of his message, the pastor started talking about a letter he received that day. I quickly realized he was reading MY letter ~  out loud ~ to thousands in attendance and a countless Internet audience.  Then he read my name and asked where I was in the crowd.  I stood up and he acknowledged me.  Then my poem appeared on the screens in his PowerPoint presentation!  His voice was reading aloud  MY poem.  

He complimented the poem, commenting on how it showed a manager’s bad and good side. Applause erupted for me and people near me in the audience complimented me. I mostly smiled, thinking, “Did this really just happen to me?” 

The pastor’s message, “How to Make Your Boss Look Good” from 1 Samuel, Chapter 18,  focused on deference toward your boss, obedience to your boss and excellence for your boss.

I made my boss — Jesus — look good by obeying His Holy Spirit. And now I look good, too, to the pastor and members of the congregation. To God be the glory!



The Manager

By Donna Whitaker Rogers


I get on the job after fussing with my spouse,

I talk to a worker while calling her a louse,

I go to my boss, who is a known jerk,

Then I curse at the train on my way from work.


I’m just a manager on the job.

People are slackers while I’m working hard.

Hey, I’m like Santa Claus, not the elf.

Lord, I just want to manage myself.


Good idea,” the Lord says to me.

Here are some pointers; now listen to me.

Manage your emotions; don’t be mean.

Manage your actions, for they are always seen.

But most of all, and this might be tough,

Manage your tongue; just shut up.”


I fell silent at the word from the Lord.

I was using my tongue like a sharp sword.

I was showing my emotions on my sleeve

And my actions were bad, causing others to grieve.


Well I’m back on the job after kissing my spouse,

And I apologized: That worker’s not a louse.

I went back and showed my boss respect.

And when the train comes, I won’t object,

Because I am a manager managing me.

And that’s the best manager a manager can be.


Copyright ©2008 Donna Whitaker Rogers


Donna Rogers   Donna Rogers is a veteran media expert and poet who has a heart for     worshiping God and helping others overcome obstacles in life through poetry and inspirational writing.  She’s  contributed several inspiring stories to  this year.  Donna has written two books of poetry and numerous inspirational writings detailing how God works in the lives of people who trust and seek Him.  Donna is married to Ron Rogers, a political cartoonist and illustrator who created covers for Donna’s books and greeting cards. More books are in Donna’s publishing future.  (Donna Rogers can be reached via email at

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