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Do I Really Care?

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Do I Really Care? By Jan Ross

Go Tell the World

“I’m still trying to work out my own salvation issues!”
“It takes a lot of effort to witness, not to speak of boldness!”
“Why should I even bother—they won’t listen to me anyway!”
“Let the pastor do it—that’s what he gets paid for!”
“Some people are gifted in that way—I’m not!”
“That’s not my calling!”
Any number of excuses could be added to the list, probably some you’ve used yourself. But what’s the real deal about witnessing and evangelism?
This month’s issue of “Journey” deals with evangelism in its many forms—missions, personal evangelism, ministering the love of Christ in our families, and more. But allow me to stir something up in you that puts the question/issue of evangelism and witnessing into proper perspective for the Christian.
We’re Right, Aren’t We? As Christians, we’re sure we’re right about God … right? We have the answers in the Bible and we’re not afraid to believe God’s Word … right? But, if that’s true, how can we sleep at night without feeling the urgency to share the Good News with everyone? People are dying and going to hell by the thousands every day and we don’t act like we care!
Walk down the city street and consider that most everyone that passes you by is on a one-way street to hell. Walk He gave His live for you ~ He loves you!into a busy mall and picture most everyone chattering and busily shopping, laughing, spending money, smiling … most every one of them on a straight path to eternal damnation.
Your neighbors—are they saved? If not, they are walking directly into eternal damnation, into an endless onslaught of horrendous pain while you live right next door and do nothing!
What does that do to your heart? Are you sad? Are you mad? Are you stirred up to do something about it? Why not? Is this love? Is this what Jesus taught us? Is this what Jesus did?
Do You Really Care? Picture yourself standing in a major city on the square watching every person walk by you directly into the path of an oncoming bus. One by one they’re dying. Yet, you’re there in your own safety net and oblivious to the danger others face. Stand there with a smile on your face just waiting for the signal to change for you to cross safely to the other side of the street, doing nothing to warn the people about the danger, failing to intervene to save even one from the path of destruction.
Sounds rather cold and callous, doesn’t it! And yet we do this every day that we fail to warn those around us of their impending danger, doing nothing to lead them into that spiritual “safety net” we live in.
If we believe that thousands every day are falling into an eternal and unchangeable fate, shouldn’t we be running the streets trying to warn everyone? If you knew a tornado was coming, wouldn’t you warn everyone you could to take care, to find a place of safety? If you knew a major earthquake was about to hit, wouldn’t you do everything to save the ones closest to you?
Do you get the picture? We have become complacent, satisfied with our own eternal security while the world is on a path leading straight to hell. Is hell real? Do we really believe it is real? If so, how can we just let hell happen to everyone else while we focus on saving ourselves? Seems rather selfish, doesn’t it!
If the Bible is right—and it IS—and we aren’t doing everything we can to witness to everyone we meet, we have become the grossest representation of true Christianity imaginable … self-centered, self-consumed, self-preserving, etc. And, my friends, that’s totally contrary to what the Bible describes as what a Christian is.
What IS a Christian? What is the Biblical definition of a Christian? Acts 11:26 is the first time we find the word “Christian” in the scriptures. It is the first time the DISCIPLES were identified with Christ. It was kind of a “nickname” … not necessarily a good name, either. But the disciples were noted as being like Christ, being followers of Christ’s teachings, and therefore, they were Christians.
Eternal LifeBeing like Christ … if we’re Christians, we also should be like Christ. What did Christ do? He came to earth on a mission to redeem mankind, to save them from the judgment of God, and to conquer death, hell and the grave so mankind would have a way to heaven. And, if we’re Christians—Christ-like—our mission should be the same … showing mankind the way to redemption to avoid the punishment of damnation.
As you read this issue of “Journey”, take note of the many ways others have ministered life to those who crossed their paths. Whether they were on a mission trip or simply interacting with their close friends and family members, communicating the Good News of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ became the key that unlocked the door of escape for those they loved enough to witness to.
“Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”
Do you love your neighbor as yourself? If you haven’t told him or her about Jesus, then you simply have failed to follow the way of Christ. If you are more concerned about your own salvation issues, if you’re too concerned about not saying the right thing, or if you simply ignore the issue hoping someone else will do it, it’s time to repent and do something about it.
Learn from those who have dared to take God at His Word and don’t let the enemy silence you another moment. Don’t allow another friend or family member to walk in front of an oncoming bus while you stand idly by satisfied that you have found the “Way”.
Pray For a Burden For the Lost
Pray for a burden for the lost. And, if you don’t feel a burden, go ahead and start sharing what God has done for you anyway. Don’t wait for a special “anointing” to witness. We’ve all been commissioned and called to evangelism—let’s not wait another moment or offer another excuse. Go tell the world that Jesus loves them and made a way for them to miss the torment of eternal damnation. It will be the most Christ-like thing, the most loving act, you have ever done!

Jan Ross Writer’s Profile

The author resides with her husband in Northern Ohio.  She has been active in her local church most of her life where she has served as Women’s Ministry leader, Musician, Worship Leader, adult Sunday School teacher, among other things. She is the mother of six adult children and grandmother of twelve.  Her life experiences as a wife, mother, musician, and missionary shine through her writing and ministry.
The Word of God has captured her heart, and it is obvious in her writing and teaching.  As a writer, the Word is the foundation of each story, poem, devotion, or article.  As a speaker, the Word is wrapped around every word she ministers.  With a deep devotion to Bible Study, she writes “Today’s Devotion” a daily devotional posted on several discussion boards and emailed to thousands.  You could say the Word of God is the joy of her life while writing and teaching brings great satisfaction to her heart.  To communicate God’s love to a hurting mother or distraught wife or disillusioned woman is this author’s focus in life.  To know that God is glorified, whether through the written or spoken word, is her heart’s cry.  Whether she ministers locally or in remote regions in Africa, her message is always the same:  “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and Jesus Christ will satisfy your every need.”

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