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Discontentment_smThe Seed of Bitterness

“Korach son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi…” (Numbers 16:1)

Our portion was about the rebellion of Korach, along with Dathan and Abiram, and 250 of the leaders of Israel again Moses and Aaron.  This rebellion didn’t start here in Numbers 16, but was rather the festering of bitterness that had long plagued Korach.  And that was lesson #1 for us—if bitterness is left unresolved, it will inevitably fester and manifest itself in outright defiance.  We all have expectations.  Some are realistic, and some are not.  We expect our spouses to respond to us in certain ways, and when they don’t, we’re hurt.  We think our children should have an attitude that we consider ideal, and when we’re faced with something other than that, we’re shocked.  We think that because we’re sons and daughters of God, that we have the right to a comfortable life, and when our life is other than that, we’re bewildered.  “Doesn’t He love me?  Can’t He see what I’m going through?”

Korach also had expectations.  Korach was the first cousin of Moses and Aaron.  Moses’ father, Amram, was the first son of Kohath.  But Korach’s father, Izhar, was the second son.  Perhaps Korach considered that he deserved as much recognition as Moses and Aaron did.  But Korach’s expectations were dashed, when not only did he not receive an equal status with his cousins, but he was not even … (click to continue)


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