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Describing God

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Describing God By Rhonda Clark

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How do you explain God to an unbeliever?
When asked to describe God, most people would use abstract or emotional terms, like loving… caring… just… all-knowing. While these are very fitting descriptions, they still don’t explain how God can exist. I know He does, because He’s my Lord and Savior, the ultimate provider of all my necessary needs, and my favorite confidant. But for someone who has no perception of God, or even questions His existence, they aren’t going to believe in the “Great I Am,” just because you say there is a God. So, how do you describe Him to the unknowing or unbelieving?
Define or Describe?
Before I go any further, I want to specify something. There is a difference between defining and describing. When you define something, you only explain what it is, not necessarily what it looks like. That’s what a description is for. Defining God consists only of explaining who God is, not what He’s like. Doubters want you to give them reasons to believe, and this is where many Christians get stumped. They know God, know that He exists, can see Him working in their lives, but coming up with a description that our faith challenged friends can grasp can be very difficult. So, how exactly do you describe a divine being using concrete terms? I like to think the answer is blowing in the wind.
God is like the wind.
There’s an old saying, “God is like the wind—you don’t know where He’s been and you don’t know where God is like the wind!He’s going.” I think this is a very befitting description of God. Everyone understands weather patterns. Who hasn’t experienced and unexpected rain storm or a bone-chilling wind on a winter day? In fact, one of our favorite topics of conversations is the weather, so why not use this to describe our Heavenly Father?
We need God just like we need the air.
When we do use this analogy, we should begin with the air. Air is a necessity for our continued existence. Wind is nothing more than racing air, and air is everywhere—just like God. You can feel air, but you can’t see the colorless, odorless combination of gasses. Just as air is made up of more than one gas, God is a combination of three parts. He is the Trinity—Father, Son, Holy Spirit. These amalgamations of air particles are invisible to the human eye, just like God in His holiness can not be viewed by humans—we are unworthy to even cast a glance upon His face. Yet while His physical brilliance cannot be viewed, we can still feel the full effects of His power.
Wind…sweet and gentle or raging and destructive.
The wind comes in many different forms; it is one of the most powerful forces of nature. But then, why wouldn’t it be—He created it. Its continuum of presentation ranges from sweet and gentle to raging and destructive. We’ve all felt a cooling breeze on a stifling, hot day. These times are when God is giving us comfort. He reaches out and touches His children and eases their pain. When we hear the light rustling of leaves as they seem to wave hello, we should see this as God giving us reassurance; He’s just letting us know He’s around, and reminding us He’s available. God is always ready to listen; in fact, He wants us to talk to Him. Not just read a list of demands, but talk to Him like He’s an old and dear friend.
God’s refreshment poured out.
Often, the wind will gather clouds together like a cowboy herding cattle. Once enough clouds have joined, God squeezes His hands and rain is forced to hit the earth. This is God’s refreshment being poured out. We all must have this water—or refreshment—to survive. Nothing on earth can endure without this life-giving force. Not only is it necessary for our survival, but it also cleanses and purifies us.
God’s judgment compared to tornado.
During times of rebellion, God’s judgment can come upon us like a tornado barreling across the plains, or a hurricane blowing ashore. Sometimes He has to get tough with us and remind us that He is the True Power. Occasionally, we become overconfident in our humanness and forget that God knows best. In those times, we must be brought back in line with His plan. Only when the storm has dissipated, do we understand the full magnitude of what our sin does and what He is capable of doing. Please, don’t think I’m saying that tornadoes and hurricanes are strictly God’s punishment. That is unfounded; I’m just using this as a comparison. These destructive forces of nature could be God’s way of testing us, where we depend on Him and not ourselves. Much like Job did. Once the trying time is over, we cling to Him more than before, and at that time, He restores us—just as He did Job. There have been times when the wind just doesn’t seem to be there. The days are hot and dry, and the dust seems to clog our throats. Any little gust would be a welcomed relief—but none comes. I’m sure all of us have felt a time when God just doesn’t seem to hear our pleas. In these times, we must stay strong, stay focused and keep praying. He does hear us, and will answer in His time. Eventually, you see the dark clouds gathering on the horizon and the scent of rain will fill the air. God’s refreshment is about to be poured out.
Just like the wind, God is always there.
Wind is such a blessing. It carries moisture around the globe and gives relief from heat. It allows us to hear noises and smell scents. It encompasses our entire lives. We can not exist without life giving air. This is such a picture of my Lord—He encompasses my life, He is always there.
Just as the trade winds blow, God’s will be done.

Rhonda Clark is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom. She and her husband have two children and make their home in the Memphis, TN area. They are actively involved with their church and in sports.

When not spending time with her family, Rhonda finds time to write short stories, and inspirational works. She is also working on her first novel.

Rhonda’s blog can be found at www.findjoytoday.com

Some of Rhonda’s other works can be found at www.faithcycleministry.org and www.thechristianonlinemagazine.com

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