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Dead Men Walking

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Paul’s letter to Timothy is full of instruction for the church. You will find it contains some of the strongest instruction to the Body of Christ found in the scripture. Among Paul’s admonition to us, a few verses are directed to the subject of widows; however, this small verse stands out as having much to say to all of us.

But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.” (1 Timothy 5:6)

“But she that liveth in pleasure …” Pleasure as opposed to surrender and self-control. Pleasure as opposed to denying the flesh so the spirit may live. Pleasure as opposed to dying daily and picking up the cross and following Christ. There is nothing in pleasure that answers the purposes of life; it is not the reason for which life was given.

A few years ago I saw a 2-minute clip of a movie where a child was sharing with is father something that was fearful to him … everywhere he looked he saw people who appeared to be alive but who were really dead and didn’t even know they were dead.

There are many sitting in the churches every week deceived into thinking they are alive but yet they are dead, those who have assumed the name “Christian” but who have ceased to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Many people claim the title but are, in reality, “widows” living in pleasure—dead while they live.

Are you alive in Christ or are you as a dead man walking? Are you living a surrendered life or are you living in pleasure? Is your motive in life to fulfill the longing of your spirit or is it to fulfill the lust of the flesh? Is your relationship with your “Husband” alive (remember, we are betrothed to Christ Jesus as our “Husband”), or are you a “widow” as Paul describes—one without a husband, one who is driven by pleasure rather than surrender?

Father, forgive me for the times I may live as if a “widow” or appear to be as a dead man walking. Help me to look alive and to emanate the life that I have in Christ Jesus my Lord—my Husband. Help me to live a life of surrender, consecration, and total commitment to You as my Husband. My purpose in life is to live for You so You might be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name, amen and amen!

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