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David’s Covenant

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The Covenant Series by John DaughertyWe are happy to announce that another segment of The Covenant Series has been posted.

Thus far in our study, we’ve looked at how the Land of Canaan was an eternal promise to Abraham’s seed. Yet in Part 6, we discovered that Mt. Sinai’s Covenant sets a prerequisite of Torah (Law) obedience before Abraham’s seed could possess the land of promise. This puts us in a cycle of possession and exile, due to repentance and transgression. For some reason, we just can’t stop sinning! When the people of God turned away from the Torah, they would be exiled among the nations, receiving the curse of the Law upon themselves; but when they would repent, God would raise up a deliverer that would throw off the bands of the enemy and Israel could live in peace in the land again. Unfortunately, as soon as Israel began to transgress the commandments, the cycle would start all over! How long can this continue? Will this go on forever? Click on the link to “Part Seven: David’s Covenant” to read the entire teaching.

The Covenant Series is being posted one step at a time, beginning with God’s covenant with Adam. For the Bible student and anyone seeking to understand more fully the character of God and His commitment to His people, this series is a MUST read! Here are links to the series thus far.

We pray you will enjoy reading this powerful series. It is written in a way that is easy to read while tightly tied to Scripture. A great deal of research has gone into preparing this series; we pray you will be blessed.

Please feel free to comment on any part of the series in the comment section below the teaching. John is eager to answer questions or expound on anything that may need clarity for you.

Thank you for loving God’s Word and being willing to “study to show yourself approved…” (2 Tim 2:15).

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