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Darrin’s Story~ Unedited

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By Darrin Zisler with a forward by Barbara Stasik

I can’t remember when I wasn’t friends with Darrin. We’ve known each other since elementary school, and graduated together from Yale High School . We’ve always been buddies.

It was 1986 when I heard the news of Darrin’s horrible accident. I was away at college and came back to visit him, but he never knew I was there. After many months he finally came home, and I remember very well that we both prayed for his complete recovery. That prayer was not answered.

The Darrin I once knew is gone. He’s not the same person. He’s a better one. I’m going to let him tell his own story this week in his words. It’s inspiring. It may make you cry. It’s one about faith that will touch us all. Love you buddy.

“Well, the past 24 years have been very trying after a near fatal accident on November 3rd. I was in a Ford F150 down by Metro Airport , going to my job site when at Middlebelt and Ecorse roads my life came to an end. … until they revived me. A gravel train had run a red light and my truck went under the truck, cutting my truck cap off. When I seen the truck coming, I had a split second reaction and dove on the floor. If I hadn’t I would have been decapitated. It took them a while to get me out of the truck. I had a collapsed lung and no pulse. They got it back. They took me to Westland Emergency where I spent 2 months in ICU in a coma. The doctors told my parents I had a 3 percent chance of living and if I do I would probably be a vegetable state.

I don’t remember coming out of the coma. All I remember is the intense pain, the throbbing was in every part of my body. You know how people can say they know what your going through but you don’t really until you experience it first hand. And I hope nobody ever does again.

I couldn’t even sit up in a wheelchair because my equilibrium was gone. Had to learn everything over again. From swallowing to breathing because millions of brain cells where killed in the accident. I took 1 ½ years to take a step on my own. I have fallen so many times because of my balance. I broke my wrist and nose because of my balance and many other times. I spent years in therapy where said I probably wouldn’t walk. But I kept my faith in God would bring me through this. Each day had it’s good and bad times. But I was just thankful to be alive. An exercise physician built my confidence and got me walking a little better but I wouldn’t be content with that. So I started doing it on my own. Mind you I have double vision and a closed head injury. I have memory loss. I’ve had to make strategies for that.

Are you taking things for granted? Things like getting up and walking whenever you want to? No matter how important it is to you it is not guaranteed. How about being able to swallow food or something is not guaranteed to you either. I couldn’t for years. To this day I still have difficulty swallowing. But God is there every day all day for me.

If you think this is all about religion, it’s not. It’s about LIFE and having it more abundantly. This story may not be important to you. But I live it daily. I j ust want to express love to you.

Life is so precious. Don’t let another day go by without Jesus Christ in your life ok?

When I would come home from the hospital on the weekends my Aunt Olive, 90 years young, still driving started taking me to church. That’s when the fire for God got started. God is taking me places I don’t deserve. He has a plan for me, I know He does. I want people to never give up when faced with adversity. I am a child of Almighty God and He is not done using me.

I am still experiencing improvements to this day. I give the glory to God. I hope that this can be an encouragement for some one.

Your are going to still have setbacks. It is part of life. The Bible says you are still going to have trying times. But we have a lovely God who walks with us through life AND death.

I have been there. Trust me.

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  1. Darrin, your story is quite inspirational and I hope will encourage others who are facing long roads and huge climbs before them. Having grown up in the Detroit area I appreciate your words even more.

    We’re also trying to give hope and strength to others who need a helping hand through their own personal journey at our website:

    Keep up the great work and never quit climbing!

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