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Connecting Kids In Need With Kids Who Care

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Here is a ministry that I’m familiar with that helps kids connect with kids, encouraging kids to develop in empathy, prayer, action, and involvement.  Here is their newest newsletter, geared toward helping “you” speak to kids about kids!  Their ministry link is at the bottom of the page. ~ J

Baptist Global Response:


Well, summer is long gone and now we are back to


Do you like school? What do you enjoy best? (Give

children time to respond.)

Here in America, all children go to school. That’s because

we know children need to learn many things if

they are going to have good lives.

In many other countries, however, children don’t go

to school. Many parents can’t afford to send their children

to school. Many towns are too small to even have

a school.

But those children don’t get to play all day, just because

they don’t go to school. Those children have to

get jobs and go to work — even very young children,

like 10 years old!

If you had to leave school and get a job, what kind of

job would you get? (Give children time to respond.

Point out that some jobs pay better than others, but

you have to have a good education to get those jobs.)

I want to tell you about one town, far away in another

country, where there is no school and the only jobs

are in a brick factory. It is very hard work. Children as

young as 10 work long days. They have to get up very

early and go to work. They don’t get to come home until

very late at night. They get paid very little money

for working so hard. Because these children don’t have

a good education, those children will never get a better


We don’t want children to have to work in a brick factory.

We believe God wants children to get an education

and have good lives. So our friends at Baptist Global

Response are setting up a house where those children

can come live and go to school, instead of working in

the brick factory.

Those children will learn how to read and write and do

math. They will learn enough to get jobs that pay well.

They will hear Bible stories and learn about God’s love

for them. They will have better lives and become leaders

in their country because churches like ours cared

enough to help BGR start this home for children.

Let’s pray and thank God that we get to help children

have better lives and learn about Jesus. Let’s ask God

to help these children become important leaders who

help their country start ore schools and give children

better lives, so they don’t have to work in brick factories.

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