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Soldiers in Pakistan Request Bibles

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Military EvidenceIn his name the nations will put their hope (Matthew 12:21 NIV).

Children in a Pakistani village are being given Bible study lessons by a soldier. These non-Christian children are orphans.  The soldier?  A faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ committed to serving the Him at any cost.

This is just one account of the impact the Word of God is making in Pakistan.  We are amazed to learn that the door is open to reach more and more soldiers with Bibles and study materials through a trusted ministry leader in Pakistan, a man with proven integrity and whose focus includes that nation’s military and their families.  Because the opportunity is so large, we have asked our contact to help us identify the most critical area of needs as our initial commitment to the nation of Pakistan.

Phase 1: There is a large population of Pakistan Army soldiers and their families living in a Muslim community. These are educated people who have shown interest in receiving a Bible and studying the Word of God.  Specifically, here is what is required to meet this need:

  • 300 Bibles in Urdu (320 PKR each)        96,000 PKR / $1,128.22 USD
  • 50 Large Print Bibles in Urdu (585
    PKR each)   29,250 PKR / $343.75 USD
  • 200 Bibles in English (425 PKR each)   85,000 PKR / $998.94 USD

With today’s exchange rate, this totals to $2,470.91 for 550 Bibles, averaging $4.49 each.

Our contact in Pakistan and his team will pay for the transport of the Bibles to the distribution areas, all expenses for their team, etc.  Postal charges will be paid by the local supplier.

This is only the first phase of many to supply the growing opportunity to reach men, women and children in Pakistan with the Word of God … with salvation, with truth, with hope.  We’re sure you will agree the best place to begin is with that nation’s military and their families while the door is open.

We realize this is an aggressive goal especially considering we need to place the order by March 15th to insure the Bibles are delivered and ready to be distributed as soon as training exercises end. The date of distribution has been scheduled to comply with their commanders’ request when approached for permission for distribution.

If you would, please click here to process your donation. Or, if you prefer, please call the office at 419.933.7000 to donate by echeck or credit/debit card.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.  There is a lot of work to be done; millions are still unreached in Pakistan.

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