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Consider This… The Life and Testimony of Thomas A. Robinson, As Shared by His Family

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1973 seemed to be the peak year in this tremendous war between God’s Charismatic Revival”, and Satan’s “New Age Movement”. Each movement received powerful artillery barrages from the other in form of true and counterfeit miracles. Some people were snatched from one movement to the other (depending upon the honesty of their hearts), while others incorporated the two (as they did back the third century AD when Constantine the Great made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire) into a kind of born-again occult spiritism that found its roots more in power and pride and selfish ambition than in humble Christ-like servanthood. And while many of those people are truly saved, their craving for spiritual acknowledgement and control has opened the door to much that is deceitful from “New Age” mysticism.

But my heart was desperately honest for the truth, with no other motive than to bring peace into my soul and pleasure to my father in heaven.

Then one night, a Rock song by “Black Oak Arkansas” entitled “The Halls of Karma”, captured my mind and proceeded to lead me into Eastern religion. This new direction was immediately reinforced by counterfeit visions and false revelations. Although the exact meaning of these visions are difficult for me to remember now, many of them had something to do with the colors of various supernatural and mystical lights. For example…one such vision was a “thought vision” which came to me one night and was of a “blue light” that seemed to represent a specific and intelligent supernatural life-form that could bestow wisdom and truth to me if I pursued in this direction. There were other visions of this kind and the impression was that these lights emminated from some other dimension that I associated with the blackness of space. (That dimension by the way, is the same Satanic dimension that I spoke about in previous articles). Curious about the meaning of it all, I was at the same time naturally ambivalent, because the spirits in all of these visions (God’s and Satan’s), did not seem quite consistent with eachother.

Then into my life came a “New Age” guru who preceded to explain it tom me. I will not go into the details because I have forgotten most of it anyway, and besides, I really don’t care to call-up all that deceptive demonic nonsense. Suffice to say that reincarnation, karma, and occult spiritism makes perfect sense when under the influence of deceiving spirits. But my heart was honest, and although tortured in mind and spirit because of this warfare, it was only a matter of time before I found Jesus.

One afternoon at my friend’s house, I was alone in his livingroom and picked up a Rock album with pictures of its individual group members on the back side. One of these musicians looked very much like a famous portrait of Jesus Christ. As I looked into his eyes, I had one of my last supernatuaral experiences. Impossible to explain, it was like that picture became a living picture of Jesus Christ…those eyes became his eyes and a joining of my spirit and his took place (John 17:21). Although it was not yet a salvation union, it blew away the spiritual blindness that had hidden Jesus from me for so many years. Like the vision of my heavenly father at my repentance, this experience brought back a childhood knowledge of Jesus. The spirit in each of these revelations was the same… Jesus and his father possessed an identical spirit and now I possessed that same spirit (although not yet permanent) and they possessed mine.

My repentance breathed into me new life, because it brought immediate relief from everything (known and unknown) that had been crushing my soul. I was not alone anymore in my inner struggles, for someone with greater knowledge and wisdom than I possessed was now intimately involved in the course of my life and I knew that somehow he would make everything right. And yet how strange it was to know this God so well and at the same time to know nothing about Him.

It did not take long to realize that something was still missing. Guilt was piling up again as before and confessas I might, I could not shake it…so my search continued, only now it was accompanied by prayer. But where as I might, I could not shake it…so my search continued, only now it was accompanied by prayer. But where could I search and what was it that was missing? The only spiritual source known to me at that time was still drugs, Rock music, and nature…so I continued to pursue along this path. LSD was gone from my life now and marijuana became the number one drug. This was a considerable improvement because marijuana was not frantic like LSD, and certainly not as dangerous.

This stage of my life (the summer of 1973) was filled with visions and revelations…some real and some counterfeit. Most of these visions are what I call “Thought Visions”…they are visions from God or Satan that powerfully interrupt regular thought patterns and are accompanied by strong religious feelings. Those visions that came from God always possessed a sense of sweet holiness, purity and lightness, while those from Satan with a heavy, intriguing mysticism. Many spirit-filled Christians have experienced these visions as well as people who are involved in occult spiritism. The exact meaning of them is often obscure, and complete understanding usually comes only with time and more information. One such vision occurred shortly after my repentance and to this day I cannot express its meaning in words.

Into my mind flashed a bright, high summer afternoon, and somone (who I never saw but who I sensed was infinitely good and deeply loving) took me by the hand and led me out into deep country pastures. Far away from civilization we came upon a field with children playing. These children (about ten of them) were a mixture of boys and girls about eight to ten years old. The boys were dressed in black pants and white shirts and the girls wore white blouses and black skirts. Their clothes were spotlessly clean and pressed, and they made not a sound as they gently but energetically played together. I could sense that they all loved each other very much. Suddenly a boy and a girl came running over to where we were standing. Their hair was perfectly in place…very clean and brushed. Their countenance was like that of little angels. They stopped in front of us side-by-side with a very graceful bearing. They said not a word but looked into my eyes with eyes that sparkled from a deep and innocent inner life…a life that conveyed a pure and unconditional child-like love toward me. Then the both cocked their heads to one side (somewhat questioningly)…and smiled.

I did not know the meaning of this vision in my intellect, but it struck something at the core of my soul. Several weeks later I had a second full-blown vision from God. This was not a “thought” vision”. Again (whether in the body or out of the body I do not know – God knows) I was caught up in that atmosphere of holiness and power and perfect stillness. Suddenly a great flaming cross appeared before me and began to move straight back away from me. My view was once again fixed straight ahead (on the cross) so that I could not look right or left or up or down. As it moved away I began to move with it, but not as fast. As it slowly gained distance away from me and became increasingly smaller, I saw (with my peripheral vision) what seemed like two angels on either side at the foot of the cross motioning for me to follow. Then it was over. That vision of my heavenly Father at my repentance and this flaming cross were the only full-blown, Biblical visions I experienced…the rest were “thought visions”.

A connection of that cross with Jesus Christ did not occur in me at that time. However, as I look back, it was the beginning of the tearing down of a dark wall of blindness that would eventually lead me to Christ and salvation.

I now began to wonder about certain Biblical characters and who they were. I surmised that Moses and Jesus were similar. Moses was the main man from God to the Jews and Jesus was his man for the Christians. It was at this point that the deceptions of “New Age” mysticism began to fight savagely and carefully for my soul.

The vision of the flaming cross seemed to spart intense spiritual warfare for the possession of my soul, for I was now at a critical stage of spiritual awareness between repentance and salvation. Until now, Satan was content to let me find God and even to repent, in the hope that my search for salvation would end there. With my eyes open to God and the supernatural, but short of salvation and spiritual truth, I was now a prime candidate for spiritual deception and Satan’s plan was to pick up from here and feed me his own brand of spiritual truth…or just what it was that was true about this God that I had so recently found. But when that salvation search continued beyond repentance, towards some unknown missing goal, plus the fact that God was intervening so strongly to get me there (John 6:44)…a full scale, do or die battle broke out that would continue throughout the summer of 1973.

To be continued…

*This article is unedited and in its original format. ~ Jeanice

Leslie Robinson Olson was born and raised in a very strict Christian home. She remembers being 3 years old when her parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Leslie remembers her dad’s passion and love as being art and music, and apparently he passed that on to her. Leslie says “It seemed that I lived and breathed music, it was engrained into my soul.”, as she remembers Christian music being played in the house continually.

Leslie was 6 years old when she first accepted Christ into her heart, and she remembers there being a blind man by the name of Al Crocker (an evangelist) who was a guest speaker at Church that night. Leslie remembers Brother Crocker giving his testimony and an alter call. He prayed and asked if there was anyone who wanted to come to know Jesus Christ. He asked anyone interested to come down to the altar so that he could pray over them. Leslie sat in the pew with her family and remembers feeling a warmth over her body and she began to weep and walked to the altar and, with the help of Al Crocker, asked Jesus into her heart.

Leslie began to play the piano at the age of 6 and continued through 19 years of age. She gives this account “ I struggled to read notes, and I would end up memorizing my music. I would ask my teacher to play it for me first, and then I would play it. It was easier for me to play after I was able to hear it. When I was 16 years old I was finally getting good enough to where I was finding out what kind of music my style and passion was. I remember praying, “Lord, I want to play like Keith (Green) did, and have the same anointing as he did.”

I sat and studied his technique until I had drilled it into my head, and it was in my soul. I began playing at church for worship. People began coming and asking me how do I play the way that I do? I said, “I play by ear, and I had good teachers, one of whom was very patient with me. I took lessons until the age of 19, and then I went to a worldwide missionary organization called Youth With A Mission.”

“Right now, I am a single mother with two teenage children. I am waiting on the Lord to fulfill the next chapters in my life that He has written. I strongly feel that I am supposed to begin blogging my father’s testimony and articles. He had the most amazing gift of evangelism through teaching the Bible, thoroughly explaining it , and how to apply it to our everyday lives. He was a very humble man who did factory work for a living, but never missed an opportunity to tell anyone he could who Jesus is and how He loved them so much, that He shed His blood and died on the cross for their sins, so that He could have companionship with them through all eternity.

He had a heart for the youth, as he believed the enemy goes after the youth more than anything, to try to destroy any possibility of bringing forth men and women of God. I remember having so many people, young and old in our home, from the time I can remember, as a small child to the day he died. He and my mother helped disciple many , and to this day we still hear their stories of their fondness of my parents and thankfulness to God for the influence my parents had in their lives. My dad died in May of 2001 after suffering and battling Prostate Cancer for two years. I thank God each and every day for giving me the parents that I have, and for using them in my own personal life and in the lives of many others, for The Kingdom of God.”

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