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Christianity: Are You Missing the Point?

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There is a VERY fundamental question I would like to ask you: If you are a Christian, do you REALLY understand what Christianity is all about?

Some people think that Christianity is all about having a good marriage and raising decent kids. Others think it is about getting their personal needs met. Still others believe that Christianity is a about social projects, such as feeding the poor or helping out within their communities. Still others believe that Christianity is about political action, and “get out the vote” drives.

While these things might be good in their own place, they ALL miss the point: Christianity is about CHRIST. The “sheep” are supposed to be following the “shepherd.” Somehow Jesus Christ — and His Gospel — have seemed to be forgotten by many of those claiming to belong to Him.

Have you ever noticed the ROOT WORD of the term “Christianity”? We don’t have to get really deep in order to understand this concept. Let’s just start off this article with an examination of the term by which our religion is named. The root word of “Christianity” is the word “Christ.”

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Rev. Rich Vermillion is an ordained minister, award-winning author, and autodidactic scholar of theology and economics, as well as several other subjects. He has appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts in the U.S. and internationally. To review his more extensive professional biography, please visit:

Rich and Donna have been lovingly joined in marriage for over 22 years, and companions in ministry for over two decades. They have sincere pastors’ hearts; and when ministering to God’s people, they endeavor to imitate the Lord Himself when caring for His sheep.

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