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Casey Anthony Trial Commented by Pastor Dave

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Not sure how I feel about Anthony being acquitted. Mostly I am sorry to see so much dysfunction in the family. Whatever justice would have been had should she be had been found guilty, she will now have to find a way to live in society, with so many people knowing who she is, judging her, watching her, casting cruelty her way; it’s a form of the separation between one another that this sin has caused. A fate worse than any jail time. I would rather be in prison and punished than free to face my separation from humanity. Though she’s acquitted, she definitely will never feel forgiven, freed, nor justified. She will carry the loss of a daughter forever. No one gets over that.

America, we as a nation must learn from this to back off of a case with such media hype, learn from it so that we can tell our daughters and sons about the dangers of so many different people sharing their opinions. Parents, we must also educate ourselves in how to handle situations that cannot be reconciled. It’s easy to be good people when life is good. But life won’t always be good. How will you act when you get angry? Frustrated? Depressed? You cannot control what life throws at you. All you can do is learn to react healthfully.

This may be seen as an injustice to some of us. This might go against our notions of what is justified and what is criminal. Nevertheless, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, what will you do now that you are feeling what you feel? Will you post some statement on Facebook to voice your pain? Will you try to one up each other? Will you contribute your voice to a chorus of anger? Learn to react healthfully.

Navigate theses roads carefully. Don’t say anything you’ll regret as a parent or as a child of God. This is not for you to be angry at. This is for you to learn from. Casey Anthony will never be anonymous anymore. Some would say her freedom is gone. The justice of this whole debauchery is not jail time. It is life. For some, that is the greatest punishment of all.

I guess those are my initial thoughts regarding this process. God be with us. God be with you. God help Casey and her family reconcile what love remains. I pray for their family as I do for yours. Hold each other tonight. Give your daughter a hug, if you have one. Thank the stars and their Creator for the chance to have that moment. Raise your hope rather than your frustration. God bless us and keep us, God make his face shine on us and be gracious to us, God look upon his children with favor, and give us peace. Amen.

Dave is Pastor in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) serving God in Southern Ohio. Pastor Dave grew up in Portland, Oregon where he enjoyed his childhood. Around age 13, he began to explore different ideas surrounding Church and scripture, that ultimately culminated in a college degree in religious studies. Faith and Church were always important in his life, that and his college study, were the foundation that led to his being a Pastor today. Pastor Dave can be found here, where he writes his comments/blogs:

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2 Responses to “Casey Anthony Trial Commented by Pastor Dave”
  1. jeff lacroix says:

    We need to remember as Christians we are not to judge. That is GOD’s domain and HIS alone. Whether she is guilty or not only she and GOD truly know. This I do know though that if Casey did commit this terrible act but willing to ask Christ into her life and ask forgiveness, she will receive it!! So if GOD is willing to forgive her who are we as Christians to hold her guilty? Christ died for EVERYONE!! That includes Casey!! Yes a tragedy it is for that little girl not to grow up and be able to live a full life but as Christians we also know that she is with her heavenly Father safe and sound and free from the sufferings of this world. As ironic as it may seem Casey and her daughter have the potential to see one another again someday and spend eternity together if Casey chooses!!

  2. Trish says:

    I live near Orlando. My area has been involved since the original report of Caley’s missing. The entire thing has been devastating, and I pray most for the parents of Casey. How traumatic to lose their granddaughter in this way, and to see their daughter be responsible. The entire situation has been horrific, and we were devastated to see Casey be found not responsible. The Lord knows about it all, and will show His vengeance on whoever is responsible. I hope through this situation that the family will come closer to the Lord. Such a terrible, terrible thing to happen.

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