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Whispers of Love

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Herein is love, not that we loved God,
but that he loved us, and sent his Son
to be the propitiation for our sins.

1 John 4:10

Listen, to the whisper that says I love you;
Through the tender child, that kisses you goodnight.
Through the bouquet of wild daisies, in small hands;
Extended to you with love and great delight.

Hear it speak through the radiant sunrise;
That greets us with a another bright morning.
Listen carefully as you gaze into the sky;
Filled with new paintings of God’s adorning.

Listen, for a whisper that could be so soft.
Like gentle winds at the rivers rocky shore.
Like the rainbow after the spring thunder storm;
And cute cuddly pouncing pets we so adore.

Listen for a whisper that could be so loud;
Like rejoicing and praising over one soul,
In shouts of triumph, When justice prevails;
And in the celebration of a met goal.

Everyday, is blessed with whispers of love.
Love, is expressed all around us, everywhere,
In everything, bright, beautiful and lovely;
From the smallest ruby to the heaven’s sphere.

“Count your Blessings,” so the heart stirring hymn goes.
Understand that you have been so very blessed.
Hear His voice in words so sweet, “I love you child,”
Whispering, through times of trial and times of rest.

Though the world rejects you and friends forsake you;
Listen for that still small voice, speaking inside.
When held in the arms of your loving soul mate,
When your children laugh playfully by your side.

Sing praises to our Father who loves you dearly;
He says I love you in beautiful displays,
Yet, the most wonderful expression of His love;
Was the sacrificial gift, He freely gave.

Hear Love in the pages of God’s Word, whispering?
Be still, count your blessings, listen for loves voice;
“I love you my child. I will never leave thee.”
See God’s little blessings each day and rejoice.

Susan Nikitenko is a mother of two children, both saved and living it. Praise God! Her husband is a pastor. They’ve been married 22 years. She has been a Christian almost 30 years and wants to be used by God. Her prayer is that the Lord will use her writings for His glory. May you be blessed by the words He’s put on her heart. Visit her web site and/or contact her at pastorkjv1611

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