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Reaching the Muslim Community: Update

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Arabic Bible Delivery

On October 7th we shared with you an interesting challenge presented to us by an Arabic-speaking, Bible-believing congregation requesting copies of the Bible to reach out to others in their Arabic-speaking community.

You responded with generosity and love!  A total of $1,136.50 was collected to meet this challenge!

Because of you, we have been able to supply this group of believers with an amazing gift:

  • 77 Arabic Bibles
  • 2 Arabic/English Bibles
  • 50 Gospel of Luke in Arabic

Your response far surpassed what we could have anticipated!  It was so exciting to be able to present this gift to this precious group of people.

Wednesday evening (10/20/2010), we packed up my vehicle with boxes of Bibles and headed off to meet Brother Nick who met me outside the facility where the congregation was meeting for Wednesday Night Bible Study.  I was greeted with the warmest hug and brightest smiles imaginable.  With excitement and gratefulness, he grabbed a cart and began to unload the precious cargo.

One by one, Brother Nick placed the boxes on the cart, each time with a smile that would brighten anyone’s heart.  Once done, he opened one of the boxes to peek inside.

“Oh, this is very good … very, very good!”  And, it was!  All because of your prayers and generous donations for this project.

The conference begins this evening and these Bibles will become a part of witnessing tools to unbelieving Arabic-speaking people who will be in attendance throughout the weekend and on into next week.  Brother Nick promised to email photos of the conference along with testimonies he expects to receive as the Word of God is shared among the attendees.

Please keep this Conference in prayer throughout the next several days.  God is moving among the Arabic-speaking people in great ways.  In fact, when it came time to order the Bibles, it was difficult to find them in stock.  When I spoke with our normal supplier, I was told there has been so many orders for the Arabic Bibles that they cannot keep them in stock.  Thank the Lord!

Once again, dear friends and partners in the faith, thank you for your quick and very generous response.

May Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life, be glorified through your participation in this opportunity to serve the Arabic-speaking community!

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