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Abounding Grace

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“…Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.” (Romans 5:20)

There is nothing balanced about grace. It is the extravagant heart of the Father. That is the message of the Cross….His grace cannot be outdone nor can it be undone. We don’t change the character and face of grace because some misinterpret it, or are deceived or disregard it. Grace still abounds. We don’t alter God….He alters/transforms us.

Once we receive Christ as Saviour, we are not suddenly catapulted into self-reliance or self-effort to maintain it (Gal. 5:4). It is not grace for salvation then law for preservation. Such a mentality denies Jesus Christ came in the flesh and suggests, no asserts our self-effort is the determining factor in grace. When we come to know the Father’s heart, instead of our own limitations, our lives are no longer dictated by us. Our behaviour is not more powerful than the Cross of Christ. It is either FINISHED of it is NOT! We cannot remain on the fence with Grace for it is radical by nature. (Eph.2:8, Heb. 10:14, Ron.6:14, Rom.8:14-17).

Licence to sin it has been called, but truly His grace is a licence to forgive us all our lawless deeds and unrighteousness, all our trespasses. (Heb.8:8-10,12 Col.2:13)…all of our lack, all of our limitations, all of our foolishness, all of our fear is forgiven. He has wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us (the law) and He (Jesus) has taken them out of the way, nailing them to the Cross! (Col. 2:14). Yes, He came in the flesh let us proclaim it! This is grace.

Paul reminds us not to take advantage of this grace, exactly because it is possible to do so (Rom. 6:1-2). But because it can be taken advantage of, does not alter it or reduce its potency and eternal power. We can take advantage of it, we shouldn’t, but that is the very nature of grace…also known as the Father’s heart. Just as the father of the prodigal son was grieved, we grieve our Father when we misunderstand grace….but He can no more withhold His abounding grace, than we can pull Jesus off the Cross. It is finished.

It is grace that abounds, that breaks the desire to sin, that makes us new creations, no longer slaves to sin (nature). It is not will power or behaviour modification or method. It is simply HIM…His heart that abounds in Grace….which in a word is LOVE. God is LOVE. We bring our sin into the presence of His abounding grace and sin is broken. Grace is the Father’s secret combination on the lock of sin! He frees us by His grace, from bondage (Rom. 8:2). Not just once at the moment of salvation but for the rest of our lives.

If we would only grasp the Father’s heart, His abounding grace would never be misinterpreted as a licence to sin for we would know sin no longer held us. Why? Because we were crucified with Christ, dead, buried and resurrected with Him. Our hearts cry out Abba, Father, no longer slaves, but sons, heirs of God (Gal.4:6-7).

And how does this grace live out in our personal lives? He has gifted us with the Holy Spirit, abiding forever in us…forever is not reversible. His Spirit leads and if led by Him we are not under the law, for the law implies self-regulation, self-reliance, self-effort. (Gal.5:18) Self-effort does not please God, faith does. Faith, that He is able to transform us from the inside out through His Spirit. The flesh takes charge, and control not just when we sin, but when we attempt to overcome it with our own self-effort….flesh taming flesh is always destined to fail, or there would have been no need for the Cross.

To confess or not confess is not the question for a believer. The question is what kind of relationship are we interested in with Him. When we intentionally sin, it indicates that we think we are not worth it….the blood, the Cross, His life in us. Grace that abounds in the midst of sin is grace that breaks the curse of sin and separation from Him. If we foolishly attempt to refuse His grace touching us, by exercising our own self-effort, grace is still pouring out, just as healing and blessings are….if we miss receiving them into our hearts, that does not stop Him. We have been so arrogant to assume our behaviour and choices and self-effort are needed to maintain the gift of grace.

We do not need to make Him keep His word. He is capable of that without our input. His is faithful even when we are not. But the Father’s heart towards us is unlimited. The more we sin, the more grace pours forth for where sin abounded, grace abounded the more….It is finished. When grace touches us, we can no longer resist Him. Grace breaks the back of sin, the law only strengthens it.

As when we are called to give our enemy a drink if thirsty and food, if hungry…it says it will be like coals of fire upon their head (Rom.12:20) Our Father pours out abounding grace and coals of fire are heaped on our head turning us to turn back to Him, to recognize we are not sinners but sons. He is not overcome by evil. He overcomes evil by good (the Cross)…His grace.

Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit says the Lord…this is His grace. Not by our power, nor by our might/strength, but by His Spirit. Not self-reliance and law but by His Spirit and grace. Holy Spirit is grace personified, abiding in us. Holy Spirit abiding, abounding grace, indwelling forever.

Perhaps coming to know Him, the Teacher of all things, the Spirit of Truth, the Helper/Comforter is worth a try. After all, we are meant to hear our Master’s voice and follow Him. He now lives in us. We don’t want to be like an estranged spouse, who has to ask his wife if she can remember their wedding date (each breakfast), and then if her answer is correct, she has passed the test and he remembers she is his wife.

That implies no trust, nor intimacy. Relationship with Holy Spirit is ongoing and grows in time; it is a dance of grace. It is not a one off event. Let us not be caught never paying attention, to the One with whom we are One. Holy Spirit was sent and Jesus said He would bring to our remembrance all that Jesus had shared with His disciples. Considering there were not enough books in the entire earth to record what he said and did, there must be much more the Spirit will reveal. He will even reveal the heart of grace….Our Father.

Let us rejoice that Jesus truly did come in the flesh and we are HIS by His grace! Hallelujah!

My love affair with the Lord began on a small island off of Australia. He revealed the depth of His love. Opened my heart to what the Cross actually achieved and what He had to pay to accomplish such a final solution. Separating Himself from Himself for me (on the Cross). I fell in love in that instant and I was finished…finished looking for God, finished fighting Him, finished listening to any other possibility. Radically saved, I have never been the same….much like Paul, I was chief of sinners and forgiven much I have only one choice, to love much.

He has taken me all over the world and continues to do so…from Africa to Asia and many as yet, untravelled places. My ministry is all Spirit led, even to the point of giving Him my mouth to use as He sees fit, moment by moment. Whether teaching or preaching, He determines what is said, what is needed by the hearer and what will move their heart, heal their bodies and give them liberty. He has had me write articles, e-journals (on knowing Holy Spirit personally) and present weekly live Skype teachings on the subject of His (Holy Spirit’s) choice. Healing has been another area He has had me focus upon.

My online live and in person healing ministry has produced such amazing miracles, (from malaria to cancer being healed), I sometimes wonder if I was even involved. But that is the greatness of our God. Teaching other believers their birthright in healing has also been a privilege. So whether I am in a Western country or the rural areas of Africa, believers learn about Holy Spirit and is essential role in their lives as a Person, the truth about grace and the Gospel and how to minister healing to their own families and neighbours. It is a full life and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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