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The Conqueror

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No one could know the depths of the dregs of sin I drank on that fateful day when My
life was poured out as a sacrifice for the creation I had spoken into existence.

No one could comprehend the bitterness of the cup I drank–the poisonous brew of
rebellion and hatred and perversion and lawlessness–a lethal mixture that was
as gall to Me, but I drank all of it.

No one could feel the terrible pain I felt as, in the midst of dying a horrible and
agonizing death–exacerbated by the stripes and wounds I already bore in My
body–I took on all the sickness and torments of mankind.

No one could ever experience the devastating aloneness I suffered,
as My Father, My Dearest Father, turned His face from Me,
no longer able to look on His Son Who had become sin–
all sin that has ever been or will ever be–
for the sake of fallen humanity.

No one could fathom the grievous torments I endured,
as My enemy and all his cohorts lashed and mocked and attacked Me
in a million different ways;
and, in My dark despair, I exclaimed, “My God! My God!
Why have You forsaken Me!”

No one could have understood as fully as I did when, with My final breath,
I cried out, “It is finished!” —
knowing with absolute certainty that all that had ever been needing
to be done to redeem lost sons and daughters back to My Father was
totally accomplished.

No one has ever descended into Hell as I did, not as a helpless captive,
but with My head held high and power in My hand to wrest the keys
of Hell and Death from My enemy,
as he stood impotent and astonished before Me, gnawing in wild rage,
knowing he was completely defeated and totally stripped of the dominion
and authority mankind had handed over to him so long ago in the garden.

No one could ever imagine the magnitude of victory I triumphantly displayed when,
in great glory and power, I exploded from the grave,
having conquered sin and sickness, death and Hell,
making an open show of My enemy and completely spoiling him.

No one could ever taste the rich wine of pleasure I drank,
As I “ascended on high, leading captivity captive,”
and came before the Mercy Seat of Heaven,
sprinkling the Blood of My New Covenant upon it;
Seeing the smile of My Holy Father’s complete acceptance
of My ultimate sacrifice,
and hearing Him say, “Well done, My Beloved Son,
Jesus, Precious Lamb slain for the sins of the world;
Well done, Faithful and True, Highly Exalted One,
For I give You the Name above all Names,
that at Your Name every knee will bow–whether in Heaven, or on
earth, or those under the earth–and every tongue confess
that you are Lord, to My Great Glory and Pleasure.”

No one could ever know the extreme and overwhelming joy I felt at that moment,

No one could ever know the extreme and overwhelming joy I felt at that moment,

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