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Sometimes joy’s river ceases to flow.
Sometimes dark clouds, loom down long and low.
Sometimes great storms, hold back the sun.
Sometimes you just want to hide or run.

Look onward to our heavenly home.
Remember His promise, you’re not alone.
Fly like a bird, on the winds of His grace.
Find sweet assurance in His embrace.

Sometimes life’s pains are hard to bare.
Sometimes our heart, groans deep in despair.
Sometimes shadows of death pass by.
Sometimes alone, we cry out, Why?

Take the hand of God’s merciful love;
Who calms the sea and sent His Dove.
The God of all that lives and breathes;
Who made the rocks, the winds, the seas,

Will lead you through your darkest night,
Will help you through the terrible fight.
He’ll hold you up and you will stand.
He’ll lead you through, hold tight His hand.

And as the rains and storm winds blow;
The peace of God will ease pains flow.
Hold fast to faith, the shield of power;
And know your God wants you to flower.

Sometimes, the greatest fruitful child;
Has suffered through the greatest test.
Sometimes, it takes much pain and loss;
To win the lost to Cavalries cross.

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