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In Pursuit of Your Soul

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Living under conviction is not a place of peace and contentment. It is living in a house of mirrors where there is no place to hide from your sins. They are ever before you, goading you on to misery.

Memories of past actions are ever present, and running after acceptance of those actions is elusive. It is not to be had. Dreams of peace in your present lifestyle fade away as truth presses you toward reality. You are a sinner in need of a Savior.

The Holy Spirit is relentless. He is on a mission spurred on by the prayers of the saints who are pleading for your soul. The Holy Spirit presses your conscience into a frenzy of unrest, as you try to deal with life as it is. Truth swallows up the lie that is telling you that being better than you were is good enough, or saying you are sorry without true repentance is acceptable. Promises to do better without taking action, will get you nowhere with God.

The Holy Spirit is unyielding in His pursuit of your soul. He knows that truth alone will set you free and He works to bring you to the place where you will realize you need to become accountable for your sins and submit them to God.

His desire is for you to see your sin as sin, with no cover up. He wants you to face it head on. The Holy Spirit wants the white hot light of the truth to expose Satan’s lies; those things the evil one has been trying to convince you were alright to do as long as you had a good reason for doing them.

With each sin committed, the conscience breaks down a little more, till it is all but dead. Under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, your conscience is revived and unrest settles in your soul. What once you never considered wrong, now you are suffering under great conviction. Under these circumstances, the Holy Spirit is not a gentleman, but a warrior, willing to fight for however long it takes to overcome the grip Satan has on your life. Little by little, as the battle progresses, light begins to infiltrate the dark abyss of your soul, and conviction gains strength as your conscience rises up to grasp hold of truth.

Light dawns and reality brings great pain as you now see sin for what it is. True repentance becomes an undulating force that births you into the kingdom of God. Your spirit comes alive. You are born again. You are no longer a slave to sin, because Jesus has set you free. Old things have passed away and all things have become new; you are now a new creature in Christ.

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