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Daisy’s Heart

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My oldest daughter is the biggest daydreamer I’ve ever known. She’s willing and obedient, always desiring to serve but often I find myself repeating jobs to her because she “forgot”. In other words, her mind got to wandering again, and the task was left untouched or unfinished as she focused on some distraction.

This past summer I decided it was time to get her more involved in putting up the harvest from our garden. Lining up freshly washed jars, I showed her how to cook red beets, pop them out of their skins and slice them and fill the jars. Putting on a canner of water to boil, I left the kitchen and went out to the garden.

An hour later I carried another bushel of produce to the house and assuming my daughter was finished filling the jars I made my way into the kitchen, only to find that she’d made little progress. Oh, she had been busy all right, singing and chattering cheerily to herself all while up to her elbows in vegetables. However, too many jars remained empty. I sighed, annoyed at her pokiness, and busied myself otherwise.

Several times I had stuck my head into the kitchen only to find her still taking her merry old time. What was taking her so long, anyway?

Eventually, my daughter filled those jars and more. I loaded them into the canner, processed them, labeled each one, and set them on the shelves in the basement.

Last week I grabbed one of those jars with intentions of serving them up for lunch. With a fork I stabbed the first slice of beet, and found it’s shape to be very odd. As I emptied the jar, I was amazed that every single one of the beets had been carved into the shape of a heart!

My daughter had taken great pleasure in making the beets extra special. As a result, we are enjoying her labor of love with smiles as we sit down as a family and eat together. Beets have never tasted so good!

Those edible hearts will serve another purpose as I seek after the heart of God. They will be a reminder of a young heart whose willingness to serve with all her heart brought an abundance of blessings and planted a seed in my own heart. This year, I want to see every moment, every task, every opportunity the same way my daughter does. Granted, there may not be enough hours in each day for me to carve all the beets in each bushel full into unique shapes, but I pray that in the midst of my busyness my focus will be more on shaping the hearts and minds of my children, and carving out more of a special place in my life for my husband. That I might strive to make each breath I’m given a living sacrifice, a spiritual act of worship. (Romans 12:1)

And when the harvest comes in this summer, I can’t wait to see what my daughter will do with the parsnips……

Debbie Ott doesn’t consider herself a gardener, but enjoys any job that can be accomplished in the warm season. She enjoys full sunshine and the feel of warm soil and the all the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. Married to Mark with five children, her summers are spent raising kids, farm animals and vegetables. Her winters are spent enjoying pickled beets and and flipping through seed catalogues. Few and far between, her free moments are spent dreaming about what she might do with more free moments.

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