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Consider This… The Life and Testimony of Thomas A. Robinson, As Shared by His Family

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At the beginning of June in 1972, my friend and I began to fix up an unused basement room at his house. Originally we were going to make it into a bedroom for his oldest son. It was a strange room, about 20′ x 20′ square, with a low ceiling and made of solid reinforced cement all around, above and below. It was entered through a single door from another basement room, and that door opened into a short, narrow hallway that led to and was part of this unused room. It was like walking into a cement bunker deep underground.

My friend had in his possession about 15 extra sheets of dark walnut paneling, so we began by covering the walls. And then to open up the room and give it a feeling of space, we put up those 1 ft x 1 ft mirrored squares that stick to the wall. We placed these individual squares of mirror next to each other (side by abde – above and below) until they formed a single, gigantic rectangular mirror that covered about 3/4 of one wall. That mirror was then surrounded by a homemade wooden frame. All other walls were then partially covered in the same way…making one large mirror out of many smaller mirrors, with each large completed mirror different from the others in shape and size…and all surrounded by our wooden frames.

The room began to take on a magic quality through many different angles of reflected infinity. At this ppoint we scrapped the idea of a bedroom and began to transform it into a glittering music room for our LSD trips. My friend had a high paying job that included lots of business perks…so no expense was spared for our new creation.

A new red rug was laid down and a powerful and impeccable sound-system installed. Two light boxes were connected to the sound-system and made interesting designs as they danced in perfect time to the music. Outward from a circular lightbox, mounted overhead in the center of the ceiling, shot black sunburst-like streaks that were out-lined in day glow paint. The wooden frames that bordered the mirrors were also painted with fluorescent, day glow colors, as were a thousand other things in the room. There were artificial plants, animal skin throws on the furniture, strobe lights, psychedelic posters and paintings, small multi-colored Christmas tree lights that blinked off and on, pampas grass, and many interesting objects, most of which were painted with day-glow paint. Then all around the angles of the ceiling, we mounted black fluorescent black lights.

When we turned on the switch, even without any music playing, the electronic power in the room was so staggering, that it actually penetrated our internal organs…it was a feeling that bordered on a powerful and massive electric shock…like in the next second you could be flashed into oblivion.

The black lights of course, brought all the day-glow paint to life, and all of that was then reflected over and over and over again in the strategically placed mirriors. It was not only wild, it was expensively classy and mysteriously haunting. It became known in certain tight drug circles around the area as “The Room”…the ultimate party place. We finished it around the middle of July…then one warm summer night, we tried it out.

Hard Rock music was still repugnant to me when we took our first trip in the room, so for my sake we listened to Rock and Roll, Dixieland, and light Blues. At that time I lived from one LSD trip to the next. The combination of the drugs, the room, and the music, was to me, indescribably exciting.

Then on Friday night, while under the influence of some very powerful and high-grade LSD, my friend asked if he could play a particular Hard Rock tape that had previously affected him in a strange way. Because everything was sounding so good that night, I consented. The tape was by an English Rock group called “Deep Purple”, and was entitled “Deep Purple In Rock”. It was tremendously hard driving music and the whole room pulsated with the beat. Under the influence I recognized that these guys were not phonies as I had always thought, but highly talented and boldly inventive musicians who played with reckless and yet controlled abandon. I had never heard anything like it before. Song after song began to sweep me away, and something very strange was happening. One of them entitled, “Child In Time”, was alternately slow and then very fast and driving, and by the end of it I sensed that while I was still physically in the room, my spirit had moved elsewhere. As I was trying to gather myself, the last song came crashing in…this was the hardest driving song of all, and when it was over I had completely flipped-out into some other dimension. Everything became thick and syrupy and very heavy. A deep ugly feeling came into my solar plexus…a mixture of nightmare, electricity and vomiting, and the room became oppressively hot and musty and evil feeling. I did not know where I was, or who I was, or who anyone else was. Time had completely stopped and I was trapped in some evil place. Although I could not see them, I knew I was not alone in this realm…but that if I panicked I would slip deeper into it and eventually make contact.

One thing to remember about these drug trips is that there was always a part of the mind that was completely sober and knew exactly what was going on. It was this part of me that I now embraced with all my strength in order to remain where I was, without sinking any deeper. The first objective was not to panic. This was very difficult to do, because while I was fighting to maintain control, I could feel an evil presence ascending toward me from deep within this dimensional abyss. At one point I became aware in a flash of who it was. Somewhere in my subconscious I had a file on him. It was my old enemy from those sleepless childhood nights…the one whose very name filled me with terror…and he was not alone. This experience was much more frightening than those of long ago because back then he was trying to penetrate my world, but here, I had unknowingly stepped into his, and was now a vulnerable target.

My friend, who had been silently watching me, knew what was going on because this is what had happened to him many months before. He kept saying, “See!…see!…everybody thought I was crazy, but it’s real, isn’t it?”

His comments completely freaked me out, because they confirmed what I already knew was true, that this was not a drug induced hallucination but a very real spirtual crisis. In one sharp blast I was an atheist no more. All I could say over and over was, “I thought I was so smart, I thought I knew everything…but I don’t know nothin’.”

Spiritual blindness is an eerie thing, for while I now knew about an evil spiritual realm, I did not reason that there must also be a good one. At this point I was only a one-sided believer.

Like a contagious diseasse, this evil dimension now completly engulfed my friend as well, but unlike me, he knew what to do about it… “We must get upstairs and take some “downers” (or sleeping pills).”

The thought of taking more drugs was to me unthinkable and I refused. I dashed out of the room to another room and then through a door that went outside to the fresh air. My friend’s wife was sleeping upstairs and I thought if I could just see her face I would be alright. I walked around to the front door and went in. My friend and his wife were already waiting for me in the kitchen. This thing was getting worse and we all felt it. She was starting to get scared too, and begged us to take the sleeping pills. On her sober recommendation I took them. Within miunutes I could feel my spirit moving back into the flow and the protection of time. And then it was over…but a dangerous inroad had now been made that would threaten every future trip.

Like a nightmare, the feelings and the fear that accompanied that bad trip, quickly faded from memory. But even in a sober, lucid state of mind, I still knew that what had happened that night was a very real satanic encounter.

Rock music however, was now the focal point of my interest. A good lead guitar completely blew me away…there was nothing deeper or more intensely mystical. Needless to say, when we gathered together in the room, it was to cut loose and Rock our brains out…and that is what we did.

Some trips lasted several days, and when the sun came up we would leave the room and the music and get out into nature. Through a kind of drug induced osmosis, I was absorbing through the music and through nature, a mystical and familiar spirit that spoke of a good revolution, peace harmony and freedom from the bondage of a perverted social order. I was beginning to understand and become part of this “New Age” brotherhood that had so fascinated me in the beginning. But even thought I was becoming spiritually aware, my real sense of self-worth remained in my art.

Leslie Robinson Olson was born and raised in a very strict Christian home. She remembers being 3 years old when her parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Leslie remembers her dad’s passion and love as being art and music, and apparently he passed that on to her. Leslie says “It seemed that I lived and breathed music, it was engrained into my soul.”, as she remembers Christian music being played in the house continually.

Leslie was 6 years old when she first accepted Christ into her heart, and she remembers there being a blind man by the name of Al Crocker (an evangelist) who was a guest speaker at Church that night. Leslie remembers Brother Crocker giving his testimony and an alter call. He prayed and asked if there was anyone who wanted to come to know Jesus Christ. He asked anyone interested to come down to the altar so that he could pray over them. Leslie sat in the pew with her family and remembers feeling a warmth over her body and she began to weep and walked to the altar and, with the help of Al Crocker, asked Jesus into her heart.

Leslie began to play the piano at the age of 6 and continued through 19 years of age. She gives this account “ I struggled to read notes, and I would end up memorizing my music. I would ask my teacher to play it for me first, and then I would play it. It was easier for me to play after I was able to hear it. When I was 16 years old I was finally getting good enough to where I was finding out what kind of music my style and passion was. I remember praying, “Lord, I want to play like Keith (Green) did, and have the same anointing as he did.”

I sat and studied his technique until I had drilled it into my head, and it was in my soul. I began playing at church for worship. People began coming and asking me how do I play the way that I do? I said, “I play by ear, and I had good teachers, one of whom was very patient with me. I took lessons until the age of 19, and then I went to a worldwide missionary organization called Youth With A Mission.”

“Right now, I am a single mother with two teenage children. I am waiting on the Lord to fulfill the next chapters in my life that He has written. I strongly feel that I am supposed to begin blogging my father’s testimony and articles. He had the most amazing gift of evangelism through teaching the Bible, thoroughly explaining it , and how to apply it to our everyday lives. He was a very humble man who did factory work for a living, but never missed an opportunity to tell anyone he could who Jesus is and how He loved them so much, that He shed His blood and died on the cross for their sins, so that He could have companionship with them through all eternity.

He had a heart for the youth, as he believed the enemy goes after the youth more than anything, to try to destroy any possibility of bringing forth men and women of God. I remember having so many people, young and old in our home, from the time I can remember, as a small child to the day he died. He and my mother helped disciple many , and to this day we still hear their stories of their fondness of my parents and thankfulness to God for the influence my parents had in their lives. My dad died in May of 2001 after suffering and battling Prostate Cancer for two years. I thank God each and every day for giving me the parents that I have, and for using them in my own personal life and in the lives of many others, for The Kingdom of God.”

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