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Consider This… The Life and Testimony of Thomas A. Robinson, As Shared by His Family

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Then in February of 1973, I took a turn for the worse.  The detailed perception that LSD bestowed began to turn on me.  Quite beyond my control, outward analysis of people and things became more and more often inward analysis of myself.  For all of my new awareness, nothing had really changed in me spiritually.  I was still selfish, arrogant, a liar and a cheat. 

But this new analysis went much deeper than it ever had before, for now I had to face not only these surface signs of corruption, but their wicked source as well.  Jeremiah 17:9…”The human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked:  who can understand it?”  Now I was beginning to see how truly evil and worthless I really was.  My art was going nowhere, I was a failure in my responsibilities to my family, and now I saw for the first time the deep uncleanness of my heart and mind.

Words cannot describe the anguish that this constant and infinitely detailed self-realization produced in me.  My brain had become so scrambled by the drugs, that I had no way to rationalize or anchor my defense mechanisms any more.  I was literally being blown apart in my innermost self.

Then one night in April of 1973, I had another bad acid trip.  This one however was not quite like the first one…it was the most intense inward look thus far.  The suffering I had caused to other people I now felt myself, as what seemed like a lifetime of individual faces flashed before me.  I was actually feeling each one’s pain as they filed past, and all because of me.  On the verge of blacking-out, I suddenly felt that demonic dimension overtaking me again.  On top of everything else, this was way too much, for I was in no condition right then to fight off that stuff too.

I ran upstairs to get some sleeping pills…there were none.  I fumbled to find my car keys and get home…I couldn’t find them.  I started to go into convulsions…something very bad was happening.  I began to really panic, and then I felt an evil presence coming into me.  My entire body began to shake uncontrollably and I grabbed a kitchen counter to keep from falling down.

As I see it now, I was in the process of becoming demon possessed.  I was done for…hopelessly unprotected.  The effects of the LSD were at their most potent stage…a stage known in drug terms as “peaking”.  This was absolute death for me …a sense of finality quickly flooded my soul.  And then instinctively, and in dying sincerity, this atheist said, “Oh God, help me”…and just like that, a warmth, like the single and gentle ray of a focused sunbeam, started at my tailbone and quickly moved up my spine and into my brain, and in an instant I was straight…completely sober.  No drug effects whatsoever remained.

My friend came flying up from the room just then and asked what was the matter.  I said, “Look at me, I am completely straight.”  He looked me over and saw that it was so, and with deep curiosity asked what had happened.  I said, “Do you believe in God?”  He said, “No, of course not.”  I said, “Well something just happened here that we need to talk about.”

I could not deny that some supernatural power had come to my rescue that terrible and wonderful night at my friend’s house.  I had called out to God in the midst of what has to be the most terrifying spiritual crisis possible…demonic possession…and God’s response was immediate.  If you have never experienced it, (and I pray that you never do), you really cannot understand.  But you can understand this…that the effects of LSD last anywhere from 8 to 16 hours, depending on it’s quality.  We had hi-grade LSD, and I was only about two hours into that trip when God touched me.  No one could ever step out of the acid world at its peak without supernatural intervention.  This miracle made a believer out of me.

But who was this God?  There was something vaguely familiar about that sunbeam-like warmth up my spine, but it was not strong enough to erase the darkness of 30 years of blinding sin from my mind.  But now at least I was searching.

I had never paid much attention to the lyrics of Rock music, it was always the sounds and rhythms that captivated my soul.  But now, as an honest seeker after God, I began to listen to what different groups had to say.  Under the influence of hallucinogenics, I perceived that there were two levels of understanding in their messages…they were like parables.  For example…one person could interpret a love song as boy-girl relationship, while another would hear the same song as love between man and God.  Every song had a deeper, hidden meaning.  Some sang about angels, some about demons, some about heaven and some about hell, some about eternal life and some about reincarnation.  Some sang about sin and some about Karma, some about the “Second Coming”, some about judgment, some about Jesus (without mentioning His name), some about the Antichrist, and on and on and on.

These groups were not Christian Rock groups, and included in the same album would be songs to God and songs to the devil.  In other words, they were not aware themselves of the hidden meaning in many of their messages.  They were simply instruments in the hands of forces greater than themselves…forces who sought to speak to those who had ears to hear.  Charles Manson and the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter” is a good example.

Strumming the guitars (lead, base, and rhythm) across all of their strings at the same time, marking the end of a phrase and setting the tension for the next phrase (typical Rock music), was to me like being slapped across the back of the head by God saying, “Wake up son, life is not what you thought.”

A good lead guitar, more than anything else I have ever heard, could tear my heart out.  For example…after I had found Jesus, that notorious song by Led Zeppelin…”Stairway to Heaven”, for all of its mystical, satanic overtones, was for me the voice of God, speaking through Jimmy Paige’s guitar solo.  Under the influence, that solo became a gut-wrenching vision of the passion and sorrow of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and it could reduce me to tears.

Sometimes when we were coming down from our trips (just before sleep), we would play Classical music.  The third movement of Rachmaninoff’s second symphony, would capture me and then with great tension, hold me off and hold me back, and then finally sweep me into the very presence of God.

I am getting ahead of myself, but these are examples of the direction of my perception after my encounter with God that night.

All of these messages served only to reinforce my belief in the super-natural, but I still did not know who God was or what was true.  I was still a wretched sinner who was lost, but who now had hope.

Then one night at the end of May in 1973, I finally found my God in a most explosive way.

To be continued….

Leslie Robinson Olson was born and raised in a very strict Christian home. She remembers being 3 years old when her parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Leslie remembers her dad’s passion and love as being art and music, and apparently he passed that on to her. Leslie says “It seemed that I lived and breathed music, it was engrained into my soul.”, as she remembers Christian music being played in the house continually.

Leslie was 6 years old when she first accepted Christ into her heart, and she remembers there being a blind man by the name of Al Crocker (an evangelist) who was a guest speaker at Church that night. Leslie remembers Brother Crocker giving his testimony and an alter call. He prayed and asked if there was anyone who wanted to come to know Jesus Christ. He asked anyone interested to come down to the altar so that he could pray over them. Leslie sat in the pew with her family and remembers feeling a warmth over her body and she began to weep and walked to the altar and, with the help of Al Crocker, asked Jesus into her heart.

Leslie began to play the piano at the age of 6 and continued through 19 years of age. She gives this account “ I struggled to read notes, and I would end up memorizing my music. I would ask my teacher to play it for me first, and then I would play it. It was easier for me to play after I was able to hear it. When I was 16 years old I was finally getting good enough to where I was finding out what kind of music my style and passion was. I remember praying, “Lord, I want to play like Keith (Green) did, and have the same anointing as he did.”

I sat and studied his technique until I had drilled it into my head, and it was in my soul. I began playing at church for worship. People began coming and asking me how do I play the way that I do? I said, “I play by ear, and I had good teachers, one of whom was very patient with me. I took lessons until the age of 19, and then I went to a worldwide missionary organization called Youth With A Mission.”

“Right now, I am a single mother with two teenage children. I am waiting on the Lord to fulfill the next chapters in my life that He has written. I strongly feel that I am supposed to begin blogging my father’s testimony and articles. He had the most amazing gift of evangelism through teaching the Bible, thoroughly explaining it , and how to apply it to our everyday lives. He was a very humble man who did factory work for a living, but never missed an opportunity to tell anyone he could who Jesus is and how He loved them so much, that He shed His blood and died on the cross for their sins, so that He could have companionship with them through all eternity.

He had a heart for the youth, as he believed the enemy goes after the youth more than anything, to try to destroy any possibility of bringing forth men and women of God. I remember having so many people, young and old in our home, from the time I can remember, as a small child to the day he died. He and my mother helped disciple many , and to this day we still hear their stories of their fondness of my parents and thankfulness to God for the influence my parents had in their lives. My dad died in May of 2001 after suffering and battling Prostate Cancer for two years. I thank God each and every day for giving me the parents that I have, and for using them in my own personal life and in the lives of many others, for The Kingdom of God.”

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