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Consider This… The Life and Testimony of Thomas A. Robinson, As Shared by His Family

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At the end of April, 1973, my wife and I left for California. Everything had gotten to be too much and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My brother-in-law and his wife lived there and they had a friend who was a “Transactional Analysist” (a kind of psychologist), and was going to talk with me. Besides the guilt of sin, I had aquired a head full of disconnected spiritual truths and lies and trying to put them all together into some kind of coherent order had, so to speak, scrambled my brain. Just to get away everything, however, was in itself a temporary cure.

This lady was wonderful, but she was typical New Age in her outlook and analysis. She convinced me that I wasn’t crazy and that the “far-out things” I had experienced on drugs, while perhaps extreme, were nevertheless valid. She suggested rest.

Three weeks later we came home feeling better. But rest?…how could I rest?…I still could not shut my brain down or stop searching frantically for peace and for God.

Then one evening I drove over to my friend’s house with the intention of just smoking a little “pot” and relaxing with some easy music in the room. I arrived about sunset and found my friend in his yard. He had already been in the room and had turned everything on. Waiting for darkness we walked and talked.

Saving our “high” for later in the room we had done no drugs yet when I realized that I had to go to the bathroom. Ordinarily I would have just gone outside somewhere but my friend lived in a subdivision and his neighbors were out in their yards at that time too. The nearest bathroom was the little bathroom off the music room, so I headed for that.

I could see that the room was lit up as I came down the little narrow hallway. For some reason it was also strangely peaceful. As I grabbed the doorknob to the bathroom, I glanced over at the huge mirror on the opposite wall…something was going on there. Suddenly I felt these feelings coming into my solar plexus…gentle at first but increasing steadily in power. It was that sunbeam-like feeling that I had experienced two months before when God had touched me only now it was not just a gentle warmth up my spine, it was becoming a very powerful presence in my heart.

I had to sit down in a bean-bag chair on the floor because this feeling was beginning to make me feel weak. Then suddenly the feeling turned into a vision. This vision was not just in my thoughts. This feeling was a Biblical, super-natural spiritual experience. As the apostle Paul says in II Corinthians 12…”whether it was in the body or out of the body, I do not know – God knows”.

Suddenly before me was a dark, shadowy impression of two huge doors, much like the gates that enter the walled city of Jeruselem. These doors began to open toward the city inside. As they slowly opened, rays of tremendous light began to shoot out through the crack where the doors met. Wider and wider did that breach become until it finally exploded (like the white blinding flash of a nuclear reaction) into a full-blown vision from God.

In an instant I was caught-up in an atmosphere of awesome holiness and power. Everything became very quiet and still as I became aware of what I perceived to be the face of God as He hovered just above my forehead in front of me. I was not in control of anything that went on in this vision. My view was fixed straight ahead so that I could not look right or left or up or down. And then it all came back to me. This was my Father in heaven. This was the One I had known so well in my childhood, the One I knew better than I even knew myself. How could I have ever forgotten Him? This is the One that I loved so much and who loved me! His great love now filled my heart and his absolute purity was in such sharp contrast to my lowly wickedness and uncleanness, that I was stripped naked before him and felt very, very dirty and ashamed. In deep sorrow I wept bitterly over the pain and the disappointment I had caused Him and certain others; for my terrible selfishness and my ugly pride…for everything, everything I ever was or had or thought became nothing in his presence. Suddenly, all that was left of me was just me. I said, “Oh Father, forgive me.” And He said, three times in a voice in my mind, a voice too wonderful for words…”I love you my child and I forgive you.”

This was my repentance, but as we have learned, repentance is only the first step to salvation. At this point I was only half-way home. While in His great love I was forgiven, in His perfect justice…I was not.

That evening of my repentance marked the end of my love affair with LSD. Although I tried it (more out of habit and sociability than desire) a few more times… it was a dead thing in me. Each of those last trips was (as I suspected they might be) a bad trip. One was so unspeakably evil that I will do just that…not speak of it. Even thought I was far from being healed in mind and spirit, the distance I began to gain away from the acid world was opening my eyes to the reality of just what it was I had been involved in. I never thought of LSD as sin, even after that glorious vision from God…that was not the reason I quit. It was because with my repentance came an increasing awareness of how terrifyingly dangerous LSD really was. I had been playing Russian Roulette with something that could have captured me, perhaps for all eternity. There are more people than either of us know who never escaped from that demonic dimension of insanity. I am sure you could find some in almost any mental institution in this country…And dear friends, to be trapped in that world (possibly even beyond this life) would, for a certain, be the worst possible hell. To my limited way of thinking, the most evil person that ever lived could not deserve such a fate. It could happen to anyone, anytime. It could happen the first time or the hundredth time or the thousandths, but every time, you are exposing your soul to an evil that you have no comprehension of, and the next time…you may not come home.

Even though they are blind to it, everything that I know who took LSD back then (including myself) has in some way been damaged by it. Those who continue to tak it, even for recreation, will quite unknowingly slip deeper and deeper into demonic deception…for apart from its ultimate danger, the real work of LSD and similar hallucinogenics is spiritual deception.

So what about my case?…was I deceived?…was all the high talk about spiritual awareness actually deception?…and why did I survive?

The last question first…why did I survive? With the possible exception of my best friend (who is now a minister and who I did not know back in those days) no one that I know experienced the things I experienced to the degree that I experienced them.

As Sherlock Holmes once said, “When truth and logic are sacrificed for the sake of modesty, then that is the greatest sin of all.” So then I speculate, without regard to pride or humility, but in the coldest of reason,…I survived only because God had a special work for me to do…a little different perhaps more than most of his predestined children. I was not more loved than anyone else…it was simply a sovereign choice. Because I possessed a mystical insight from birth, that insight (I believe) will become more and more useful to Christ and His church in these increasingly mystical and spirtually deceptive last days, which I call, “The New Age.”

Did LSD bestow spiritual awareness?…emphatically yes! The things I shared in these articles were the truth…a few of them were my speculations about the truth, but those were always qualified with…I believe, or as I percieved. The things I have not shared with you are the deceptions. How do I know which are which?…Through many years of sorting it all out in the light of the Holy Scriptures and an honest heart. Did most of those people who took hallucinogenics sort it out right?…emphatically no!…why? John 3:19-21: “This is the verdict: Light (or Jesus Christ) has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light (or Jesus) because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deed will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

So if all of the people who took hallucinogenics became spiritually aware and yet did not find Jesus Christ, what then did they find?…and there my friends lies the “New Age” in a nutshell. What they found is what Satan wanted them to find and what they themselves wanted to find…False religion,…False values,…and most of all, freedom from the ancient bondage of an uneducated and unintelligent belief in a Biblical God who punishes sin.

To be continued….

Leslie Robinson Olson was born and raised in a very strict Christian home. She remembers being 3 years old when her parents gave their hearts to Jesus. Leslie remembers her dad’s passion and love as being art and music, and apparently he passed that on to her. Leslie says “It seemed that I lived and breathed music, it was engrained into my soul.”, as she remembers Christian music being played in the house continually.

Leslie was 6 years old when she first accepted Christ into her heart, and she remembers there being a blind man by the name of Al Crocker (an evangelist) who was a guest speaker at Church that night. Leslie remembers Brother Crocker giving his testimony and an alter call. He prayed and asked if there was anyone who wanted to come to know Jesus Christ. He asked anyone interested to come down to the altar so that he could pray over them. Leslie sat in the pew with her family and remembers feeling a warmth over her body and she began to weep and walked to the altar and, with the help of Al Crocker, asked Jesus into her heart.

Leslie began to play the piano at the age of 6 and continued through 19 years of age. She gives this account “ I struggled to read notes, and I would end up memorizing my music. I would ask my teacher to play it for me first, and then I would play it. It was easier for me to play after I was able to hear it. When I was 16 years old I was finally getting good enough to where I was finding out what kind of music my style and passion was. I remember praying, “Lord, I want to play like Keith (Green) did, and have the same anointing as he did.”

I sat and studied his technique until I had drilled it into my head, and it was in my soul. I began playing at church for worship. People began coming and asking me how do I play the way that I do? I said, “I play by ear, and I had good teachers, one of whom was very patient with me. I took lessons until the age of 19, and then I went to a worldwide missionary organization called Youth With A Mission.”

“Right now, I am a single mother with two teenage children. I am waiting on the Lord to fulfill the next chapters in my life that He has written. I strongly feel that I am supposed to begin blogging my father’s testimony and articles. He had the most amazing gift of evangelism through teaching the Bible, thoroughly explaining it , and how to apply it to our everyday lives. He was a very humble man who did factory work for a living, but never missed an opportunity to tell anyone he could who Jesus is and how He loved them so much, that He shed His blood and died on the cross for their sins, so that He could have companionship with them through all eternity.

He had a heart for the youth, as he believed the enemy goes after the youth more than anything, to try to destroy any possibility of bringing forth men and women of God. I remember having so many people, young and old in our home, from the time I can remember, as a small child to the day he died. He and my mother helped disciple many , and to this day we still hear their stories of their fondness of my parents and thankfulness to God for the influence my parents had in their lives. My dad died in May of 2001 after suffering and battling Prostate Cancer for two years. I thank God each and every day for giving me the parents that I have, and for using them in my own personal life and in the lives of many others, for The Kingdom of God.”

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