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Panic Room

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It was a great day to take my girls to the water park. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. Relaxing by the pool, getting a tan and reading my new book sounded like a pretty calm day. My 3 youngest girls came with me since my two oldest have jobs. Brittney was already at work and Brooke didn’t have to work until later so she was home alone.

We got to the park as soon as it opened. I wanted a good, semi-private spot to “unwind”…you other mom’s reading this would understand that. Finally, I was settled, my lotion was on and I cracked open my book. Now, being the “modern” techie mom that I am, my cell phone rarely leaves my side. But, as I became engrossed in my reading, I didn’t notice that my phone had been ringing. I had eight missed calls from Brooke over a 30-minute time frame.

She called again before I could call her back but this time I answered. “IS ANYONE ELSE HOME?” she yelled “SOMEONE IS IN THE KITCHEN!!!” She was hearing loud banging noises, bags crunching and dishes moving. “Remain calm…” I told her. “Did you go in the kitchen to look?” I asked. She said she had looked but no one was there…at first she thought it was one of her sisters playing a joke, until she remembered no one else was home.

“Hang up and call 911″. She wouldn’t do it…she was paralyzed by fear, and understandably so. As we spoke she could still hear the noises in the kitchen. Having someone on the phone gave her a sense of not being alone. So, I gave my phone to Bethany to keep talking to her, and I used Bethany’s phone to call my brother and have him go to the house since I was 45 minutes away. My brother arrived and we hung up. I sat there baffled, trying to imagine what that could possibly be.

A moment later my brother called me and assured me everything was okay. I asked him what it was…he said a bird had come through the chimney and flew upstairs and was trying to get out of the house. He obviously kept running into things and eventually ran into the mirror over my kitchen sink and knocked himself out. This story is humorous now, but at the time it was terrifying. Terrifying for me as a mom who was 45 minutes away and could do nothing and for Brooke who couldn’t leave her room for fear of what was in the next room.

How many times have you been paralyzed by the “fear of the unknown”? Over the past five years, as I have struggled to raise and support 5 children on my own as a single parent, I have wasted more energy on the fear of “what if?” Keeping in mind that not all fear is “bad” or unhealthy. Ps. 111:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…”. The fear I am talking about is the fear of the unknown. Although this is broad in its meaning, I think you understand what I’m saying.

When you get to the place where fear of the unknown has you in its grip, the ONLY way you will find peace…the ONLY way you will find rest and the ONLY way to be free…is in God and God ALONE! Hebrews 13:6 “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” Life is too short…ask God to help you…He will…that’s just who He is…watch this video when you have time and listen to the words.

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