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Life Restored

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Life rich with peace and joy
Was snatched away from me.
When losses overwhelmed my soul,
Confusion reigned, I lost control,
Was preyed upon by enemy.

Strong pain and grief within
Just made me want to hide.
Afraid to let emotions flow,
Deep darkness stayed – no place to go,
Felt numb and even dead inside.

Withdrew so I could stay
In isolation’s nest.
It seemed that others did not care,
And life had just been so unfair,
Although I’d tried to do my best.

Foe took my life away –
Felt empty and alone.
Until I let God work inside,
Revealed what I had tried to hide.
In this, His love and grace was shown.

Began to come around,
A process that took time.
But step-by-step God led me on,
And when His strength I leaned upon,
He gave me back full life of mine.

Life rich with peace and joy
Was given back to me,
When healing touch embraced my soul,
And I let God be in control,
He filled me up abundantly.

By Laurie Glass
© June 16, 2006

Laurie Glass holds a Christian Counseling degree and is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders. As a former anorexic, she mentors women in eating disorder recovery. She is passionate about sharing the hope of recovery through her writing and her website:

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