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Mercy is a gentle rain, never once deserved.
Mercy is a soothing balm to touch the badly burned-
Ones who held the candlestick, ones who kissed the flame-
Ones who whimpered, singed by self, and lingered on their pain.

Forgiveness is a tempest fierce, born to roar and shake,
Hail and water pelting down while earth and heaven quake.
Forgiveness cracks with brilliant flash, to strike the heart of sin,
To leave a wound, a smoking gash, to let the rain fall in.

Madness is holding to the heart, wailing as it bleeds,
Never fully looking down to watch the crimson leave.
Never seeing sweet streams clear, seeping in its place,
Leaving fear to freeze the hole and shut out painful Grace.

Love is One who bends to stroke the broken, battered form.
Love picks them up to hold to Him, to stay the raging storm.
Love bears the soaking burden that shivers in the rain.
Love takes the hail and shields them safe and whispers soft their name.

“Why do you cry when thunder growls, when clouds toss back their heads?”
He smiles, “Dear Child, I gave them life to rain down on the dead.
Let them wash away each burn that you have ever owned.
Each drop I’ve paid for, every one. Now rest, it’s not far home.”

Surrender is releasing self, while strong arms wrap around.
And Comfort-listening to the words He gives as you lie down.
“I send the storms to make you new, so smile when Heaven cries.”
And Peace is falling deep to sleep while colors bridge the skies.

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