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Mustard Seed Faith

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A few months ago, before I went to Africa, He showed me faith as a mustard seed.seed.

When we try to believe without really believing, we only fool ourselves, not God and not the devil. We truly can convert  to believing God, His Word, His Spirit, His Son in our daily lives and not the taunts of enemy but it must be done authentically through Him (not DIY) Do It Yourself. It isn’t forcing belief, just as when we believed for salvation (eternal life). We can’t force it, we can only believe.  That’s why a mustard seed is all that is needed. It is so potent!

TRUE FAITH is a mustard seed. Most of us have half-hearted or intermittent faith. We are fine when everything is going along smoothly, as we desire, but a wrinkle in the fabric and we fall apart at the seams. We don’t believe with our whole hearts. He actually is who He says He is and has done what He says He has done, or will do what He says He will do for and in us.

TRUE FAITH in HIM says “YES for REAL! HE healed us by His Stripes”, “For REAL! He reconciled me to God”, “For REAL! He lives in me”. True Faith moves mountains,  turns the world upside down or right side up. But it is not self-induced. It is developed through relationship with Him, knowing Him and not just confessing the Word or applying a technique/method. He is a Person living in us. The Spirit of Truth,  who leads us into all truth, the Teacher, the Advocate/Comforter/Helper…might He have the answers for faith?

A mustard seed faith makes sense, as it is High Octane faith! Only need a drop. fully potent because it is based on Him alone.  It’s REAL Faith in HIM, who He is, what He’s done, how free we are because of what He did.

How do we become untouchable by the enemy and secure such assurance? Faith is the key.   A belief that the Gospel is real in every way. How do we come to that truth?  Holy Spirit will lead the way.

We can enroll in Untouchability 101….

When we begin this course, it isn’t as if He says, “Well you had better believe perfectly, with every fiber of your being.”  He doesn’t do that when we get saved.  He doesn’t do it after either.  He teaches us how to yield.  Then from yielding (submitting) we believe the truth.  It is only pride that keeps us from belief, not our weakness.  We humble ourselves and He exalts~such an unbelievable trade-off!

Letting go and yielding is the struggle, not the enemy. We make believing in Him a big work, an effort, instead of admitting we don’t believe truly, as we are meant to.  How did Jesus respond to the father of the epileptic when he said “I  believe, help my unbelief”, He healed his son.  That must have really annihilated any unbelief he had.  God still does that today. We admit we don’t have it all together in our faith and His response is “Watch this! Be healed, be freed, know My presence, be exalted, be comforted!” Even Thomas, who said “I won’t believe until I see the nail-prints in His hands”, was given the experience of just that. Jesus didn’t respond by not appearing, He, in fact, revealed exactly what Thomas had set as an ultimatum. It is pride that threatens genuine faith in Him. 

Thomas and the father of the epileptic didn’t deny that they doubted, they openly admitted it. Thomas even sounded arrogant in his admission as if it was God’s job to prove Himself, not Thomas’ responsibility to believe. And yet the grace of God is such that Jesus showed up and said, “Here look at the nail-prints, touch my side.”  That is grace. Yet, the enemy tries to convince us to take care of it ourselves (as if you can conjure up faith in Him on your own). We didn’t do it when we entered the Kingdom the
first time, why do we insist on doing it as His children? The devil persuades us to take matters into our own hands, instead of trusting our Daddy and Holy Spirit and Jesus’ blood.  It is the old “independent from God ” trick;  same old same old. Garden capers!

That is why submitting to God (James 4:7) overcomes the enemy. We can only resist him effectively and permanently, if we submit to God.  Pride tells us not to, pride tell us we can do it for ourselves, pride pressures us to prove we can do it all, perform, prove we are good enough, strong enough, have enough authority.  Pride makes us focus on us: ”look at what I did”, ”look at what I kicked out”. We focus on doing things independent of God, instead of letting (major emphasis on this) letting Him heal us, letting Him lead and letting Him  be God in our lives.  So when in pain/sickness, we don’t slash our swords hither,  and thither, saliva and sweat  flying . We trust.  We ask the Holy Spirit what to do.  We seek Him and believe Jesus did it (but not through force) but through the Holy Spirit who transforms our hearts into His image, giving us wisdom and revelation that is solid. It is a heart issue really.  It is about believing that He is that good and also believing we are that worthy and valued by Him. It is about believing that He would actually die for us.  The  most difficult part is admitting to Him we really don’t believe what He did (or Him). Again, pride or even shame slither in.

Now this is how personal it gets when you ask Him personally:

I had been attacked with severe back pain for several days.  It had subsided somewhat, not because I screamed and commanded and exerted my authority or effort (although I did use that formula initially. I believe the pain subsided because He said rest and I did just that, with a lot of resistance~ LOL. In the middle of the night the intensity (a common dirty devil trick to hit us while unconscious) increased.   Holy Spirit immediately gave me a song and although I cannot share the tune here (my son says it is catchy and is singing it too now) the lyrics are easy to remember. “Healed by the stripes of Jesus, healed by the stripes of Jesus, healed by the stripes of Jesus,  Glory to His name!”

Over and over I sang it through the night with ease, as if awake and asleep simultaneously. Instead of waking with horrendous pain in the morning, as has been the case for the previous 7  days, there was a considerable reduction. As I sang it the morning, after waking and doing laundry, something that had been impossible due to pain. I saw trust rise. Trust is born of love but we cannot know the love of someone, unless we begin to know them. Isn’t that His greatest desire for us to know the love of Christ that passes knowledge that we may be filled with the fullness of God?

Isn’t it love that He says without which we are nothing? I am learning that HE really did heal me, not because I can earn it or  because I can believe good enough.  He healed me  because His grace was poured out through Jesus.  When we believe, because His grace, we have mustard seed faith! One tiny mustard seed of true belief in Him will change the world! It happened when we first believed, as we were transformed into new creations. That mustard seed is still there, let’s stop ignoring it and trying to dig up our own faith.  Let’s cease from our own works, resting in the Way the Life and the Truth, Jesus.


My love affair with the Lord began on a small island off of Australia. He revealed the depth of His love. Opened my heart to what the Cross actually achieved and what He had to pay to accomplish such a final solution. Separating  Himself from Himself for me (on the Cross). I fell in love in that instant  and I was finished…finished looking for God, finished fighting Him, finished listening to any other possibility. Radically saved, I have never been the same….much like Paul, I was chief of sinners and forgiven much I have only one choice, to love much.

He has taken me all over the world and continues to do so…from Africa to Asia and many as yet, untravelled places. My ministry is all Spirit led, even to the point of giving Him my mouth to use as He sees fit, moment by moment. Whether teaching or preaching, He determines what is said, what is needed by the hearer and what will move their heart, heal their bodies and give them liberty. He has had me write articles, e-journals (on knowing Holy Spirit personally) and present weekly live Skype teachings on the subject of His (Holy Spirit’s) choice. Healing has been another area He has had me focus upon.

My online life and in person healing ministry has produced such amazing miracles, (from malaria to cancer being healed), I sometimes wonder if I was even involved. But that is the greatness of our God. Teaching other believers their birthright in healing has also been a privilege. So whether I am in a Western country or the rural areas of Africa, believers  learn about Holy Spirit and is essential role in their lives as a Person, the truth about grace and the Gospel and how to minister healing to their own families and neighbors. It is a full life and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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