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Heart of God Haiti Critical Update

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Updates from the last two days which beg our constant and most sincere prayers and help.  David Young, Executive Director of Heart of God Haiti spoke with Pastor D on Friday and learned he has malaria. He planned to send 60 of the children to a UN hospital camp as the kids have a fever, are weak, and generally in a very bad condition. The children will only be able to spend a night at the camp for an evaluation.

Camp Victory is flooded out and everything they have is wet. Pastor D is looking for a place to relocate the camp.

As of late Saturday evening when Dave spoke to Pastor D, we have seven children who have lost one or both of their arms. The wounds are getting infected and Dr. J is concerned that they may not pull through. We’re hopping we can hospitalize them; however, as of last night that was not an option.

The NGOs on the ground are getting funding and supplied. However, at this time they are not able or willing to help with our people. They did give Pastor D an application to fill out and said that he should check back in 5 to 6 months to see if they can help.

Pastor D, Dr. J, and others are putting together a list of the needed medicines to treat our folks if the UN and/or NGO can’t or won’t help.

It is getting difficult for Pastor D to find land as the land owners are holding out for more money as they think the larger NGO will pay much more for the land.

Although we are not in survival mode as we were at the beginning, you can see that the situation is still very critical. There are no real answers for why this is happening. However, we believe we are in a spiritual battle. When the enemy loses control of those who have done his service all their lives, he stops at nothing to put pressure and temptation in front of those who have severed their ties to voodoo and paganism to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are calling on the army of God–those called to prayer to stand with us in the gap for our friends and family in Haiti. Please share this update with your friends, colleagues, and online contacts and help us raise the awareness and stir complacent hearts to action. The crisis in Haiti is far from over; children are still dying, disease is running rampant, and now the rains and floods are complicating an already critical set of circumstances.

If you are looking for a way to help the continued crisis in Haiti, please click here. There are many different ways to make a one-time contribution or set up recurring donations: direct ACH from your credit/debit card, echeck, PayPal, or mailing in a check each month. Please follow the links to make your commitment. As always, 100% of every designated donation will be used exactly as you specify; no administrative or other costs will be deducted per the Board of Director’s 100% Policy. Heart of God Haiti (part of Heart of God International Ministries) is an all-volunteer organization; no Officer, Board member, Staff member or Volunteer receives a salary or personally benefits from the ministry in any way.

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership in the work being accomplished in Haiti. God has continued to bless us with friends like you whom we know we can count on for prayer and support. Please share these updates with your friends and colleagues, post links on your social network pages, and help us spread the word. The crisis in Haiti is far from over although most people have now put it on the back burner as far as urgency is concerned. Now is the time when the real work takes place—the work to help the earthquake victims rebuild their lives—not in the same way as before but in a much better environment where the children can not only thrive but grow to be productive citizens and ambassadors for Christ in their country.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and support. We love you and thank God for each of you!

Arise, LORD! Lift up your hand, O God.
Do not forget the helpless”
(Psalm 10:12 NIV).

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  1. The Haitian people has my condoloences. The recent earthquake was a tragedy.