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A Miracle for Chandini: An Update from Heart of God India

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Please continue to pray for our pastors. This month has been especially difficult for outreach due to the rain and flooding. Just today a man was swept away in the flood waters and not recovered.

2010 FloodMany of the villages where we minister are impassable. Some of our pastors have been unable to get into town to attend the monthly School of the Bible and others unable to get to the areas of the missing pastors to encourage them or offer support.

Later this week our team of pastors is headed into an area deep in the forest where human sacrifice is still done. They are very careful but always request prayer when going into this area. It is known that the some of the women sedate those they are able to and then cut their thighs and insert a tube, stick, or some other type of “straw” and suck the blood from the body of the victims. Our pastors have been in areas where witchcraft is prevalent and have had the privilege of seeing villages turn from that practice and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are wise and cautious men who do these outreaches under the leading of the Spirit, with boldness and soaked in much prayer. Please join us as we pray for these men as they minister in areas where others will not go.

Prayer is a big part of the life of a believer in India and many miracles are seen.  This month one of the church members brought her beautiful 7-month old baby girl to the church. The baby, Chandini, had not been eating and was in apparent distress. The family took this child to the doctor who told them the child has cancer in her brain and will not survive without surgery. The problems seemed insurmountable as the hospital wanted payment up front and surgery on a child this age was not possible; the family was advised that little Chandini would have to wait until she is 2 years old for her life-saving surgery.

The family brought the baby to the church for prayer and to see if the church members might help with the cost of the surgery which was quoted as 200,000 to 300,000 rupees which converts to around $6,500 USD. The Body of Christ began to pray for this child and her family. God is gracious! The familyJob 5:9 returned to the doctor and the doctors were stunned to find that after repeating the tests there is no cancer to be found in little Chandini. Praise the Lord!

A special prayer request is being made by one of the church members whose kidneys are failing. Please pray for this wonderful Indian sister, as it is noted that she is enduring much suffering with this problem.

“Hands On” ministry opportunities are available this March 2011, as we take a trip to India to visit the pastors and their villages. Please prayerfully consider joining us on this life changing ministry venture. We are accepting applications, please see more information in the shaded area to the right.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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