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India Update

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In India, we had more baptisms this month but, because of lack of funds, our outreach had to be cut back. It costs quite a bit to rent a vehicle and take a team out and the money just wasn’t there this month. Pastor continues to have a heart for outreach and new projects are always in the making. Our team is blessed to report that, while finances are down, soul winning is up and there are conversions every month.

The shelter for the orphans is delayed also (as of a couple of days ago) while we wait for the surveyor to become available. Everyone is very excited for the word to get underway. Please continue to pray for the health of the children and our team and this ministry. We will be adding children to our orphanage once the shelter is built. We need s few more sponsors for this venture at $32 each. Most of our children have sponsors now but every drop off effects the entire ministry effort because the children must be taken care of regardless.

Travel continues to the leper colonies. The lepers are doing well and we are still providing humanitarian and spiritual support there. We have two colonies now, one of 24 and one with 23.

Pastors are attending and enjoying the School of the Bible. I’m very pleased with this outreach as it helps to knit our team together and provide much more support than prayer and a teaching. Here again, we are lacking support for the Pastors but they are still encouraged and are covering Haiti and Uganda with prayer. I’m working hard to build up my mailing list so that, hopefully, newsletters can be used to stir hearts for support. The Church in XXX city wishes to become a “hub” for Pastors also and want to add several more to our list of those that we support. All Pastors are well known to our team and are men of integrity. Some of the pastors are illiterate, which is another good reason for our School of the Bible.

We are happily making plans to bring the Director of HGIM India to the US in August or October and will be contacting a couple of Churches in my area. It’s probably not feasible to fly him all around while he is here but I’m happy to drive a day or so if any of you have contacts and would like to see HGIM represented through God’s work in India. We simply must have more support for this work and this may be a good way for the Indian team to gather some new friends.

Please take a look at our HGIM India page and pray for God’s work there. There are many areas in need of financial support. We have sponsorship programs for our orphans, Pastors, or lepers or you can donate to HGIM and the funds will be used for outreach or the School of the Bible or other areas of ministry. 100% of your donation will go directly into ministry in India. Please pray for this special work as our team in India work steadily and sacrificially for the Kingdom of God.

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