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Gateway to Iraq

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A Review:
Gateway to Iraq, A Chaplain’s Story – Rachel Coggins

This is a wonderful book written by a Chaplain who may only have a few minutes to minister to the hearts and souls of those the Lord puts into her path as they come and go to their next assignment. There were parts of the book where I laughed, and others where I could feel her heart ache as Chaplain Coggins carries out her duties, not knowing how some of her encounters will impact our soldiers. She ends each chapter with a poem that sums up the experience. She has an unique perspective as the Gateway Chaplain. I fully recommend this book and it can be purchased online at a variety of places.

For more information on Rachel, please see her website at:

Responding to God’s call to “feed his sheep.”
Teaching through the spoken and written word.
Reaching around the globe with the gospel of salvation.

Mission Statement and Meaning of “Rachel’s Well”
The Genesis story of Rachel has always been important to me; I am named after her. In 1998 I had the amazing opportunity to visit the well in Harran, Turkey where the Biblical Rachel first met Jacob. Thinking of the meeting of Jacob and the shepherdess, reminded me of the words of Jesus “If you love me feed my sheep.” Afterwards, I named this ministry “Rachel’s Well.” In so doing, I accept the charge to be the well/vessel God can use to nourish His people, and claim the promise that “from our innermost being (the well) will flow rivers of living water.”
(John 7:38)

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