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From A, B, C’s to V-E-I: A Love Story

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Solomon tells us in Proverbs that: The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases. Proverbs 21:1 (NIV)

Who knew God would use something as simple as A, B, Cs to direct mine? A, B, Cs. We see them. We sing them. Greeting cards display them in curly scripts. Neon signs flash them at us, and if you are like me, they have been drilled into your head since your preschool days. Those 26 letters, two in particular, set a new course for my heart when I entered high school. It was my first day and the butterflies in my stomach did flips that would have made the cheerleaders jealous.

Lockers doors slammed, students bumped and jostled their way to class, and I scanned the hallways looking for someone, anyone, who looked familiar. Second period was Freshman English and the teacher’s daughter was a teammate of mine, so there would be at least one familiar face in class—if I could find it. Friends trickled into the
classroom and girls from my junior high buzzed about the boys from the other school. One boy drew a lot of attention. He was tall, athletic, and, of course, a football player. I glanced up and made my assessment. He looked okay, but who was the guy behind him? He was not tall, but had dark hair, green eyes, and was also a football player. Hmmm. He was worth a second glance.

Third and fourth periods passed without incident—classrooms found on time, locker combination remembered and working. Lunch and fifth period were next. World History. This class was to change my world and create family history for generations to come.

Mrs. Merder seated us in alphabetical order. Groan! Like mischievous minions of an evil empire, those little letters—A, B, C—appeared to taunt me and to dictate my place in the world of World History. Being a W, Willis, meant sitting in the last row and usually the last seat unless an unlucky Z bailed me out. There I sat, a Type A, front row person, once again relegated to the back by a few insolent letters.

But we know that in all things, even alphabetical order, God works for the good of those who love Him and that day, He was working overtime, because Ws follow Vs. Another W, Shawn Wainscott, sat in front of me, and the dark haired, green-eyed guy from second period sat in front of him. He was a V. Russell, two Ss, and two Ls, Veitenheimer, to be exact.

If I had known then how many times I would be spelling that name, I would have moved. Wainscott did instead. By Christmas, he had given up the seat between us so Veitenheimer and Willis could converse more easily. I turned 15 that March and we have been dating or married ever since. We truly love history and spent our honeymoon in Washington, D. C. (Mrs. Merder would have been proud.) We are 31 years and four children from that first day of high school. Those once dreaded A, B, Cs, in God’s hands, engineered a new course for me and blessed me with a lifetime of V-E-I-T-E-N-H-E-I-M-E-Rs.

Gayle W. Veitenheimer has written Bible studies for her church for more than 15 years. She is honing her craft with coursework through the Christian Writers Guild. She also writes a blog for elementary and preschool children at

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