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From Fear to Faith

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This week I was having a conversation with a woman I met after a presentation I had just given. During the presentation, I talked about the fact that living our lives on purpose requires a commitment to moving out of fear and walking by faith. Stirred by what she heard, she waited at the back of the room until the majority of the other attendees had departed. She approached me eagerly and grabbed my hand. She shared with me an experience she had that served to shift her life out of the grips of fear to experiencing the power of living each day by faith.

She began by telling me that a few years ago she decided to take a cruise. At one of the stops along her voyage, she had an opportunity to take a tour into a tropical rain forest. Although she was extremely apprehensive because of the unknown, she was determined to take the tour anyway. When her group arrived at the destination to begin the tour, horrific fear overwhelmed her. All she could see was a monstrosity of trees, a never-ending sea of vines, and a backdrop of every other piece of greenery imaginable. She wondered how they would ever find their way; how they would ever get through to the other side. Nevertheless, she wanted to stay committed to the choice she had made before leaving the comforts of her luxurious cruise ship.

The journey began. They entered in under what seemed to be a leafy canopy hanging over their heads. It was extremely difficult to see ahead or what turn or direction they were going to take next. This was nerve-wracking for her because everything in her mind wanted to see, wanted the plan, and wanted to know what was to come. Yet, she could not. This was not her tour and she was not the one in control…And in actuality, her not being in total control was what frightened her the most.

Nevertheless, right in the midst of her anxiety and her regret for even consenting to this excursion in the first place, she recognized something. She recognized that she did not have to know the direction. She did not have to know the next turn. She did not have to know where and when the tour was going lead and end. For the first time, she realized they were in the hands of a very capable tour guide. For this reason, she knew she did not have to have all the answers. Her only responsibility was to trust the tour guide and enjoy the trip.As we consider our own lives, there are times when we forget that we have a Tour Guide. As a result, we become afraid of the unknown, not sure of the direction we are going, and uncertain of what turn to take next. However, the beauty in our walk with God is that we do not have to know. We do not have to have it all figured out. Faith only requires that we follow The One who is leading us wherever He leads. In addition, when we can Fully Allow It To Happen, we will never have to hear our TOUR GUIDE ask, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

Your G.I.F.T.: “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1)

Find Your Inspiration Journaling…

Monday: What are those things you have held in your heart and not pursued because you were afraid? What are you afraid of?

Tuesday: If fear were not an issue, what would you be doing at this time in your life?

Wednesday: What steps are you willing to take to deal with your fears so that you can pursue the plan and purpose God has for your unique life?

Thursday: Be honest. What do you think the outcome of your life will be if you do not deal with your fears? What choice will you make?

Friday: What steps are you going to take to replace your fears with faith?

Saturday: Write a letter to God expressing your past struggles with fear and your heart’s desire to walk in faith.

Sunday: As you reflect back on this week, how have your grown in your faith?

A sought‐after Christian Author, Speaker, and Personal & Executive Coach–Katrina Spigner’s life purpose is to inspire others to discover their God‐given gifts and treasures on their journey to living on purpose!

Katrina coaches, speaks to and facilitates workshops for those seeking a purposeful path that leads to living a more fulfilling life. Her signature events include, The Power of Purpose Breakfast Sessions and G.I.F.T. Gatherings.

Katrina’s monthly e‐Newsletter, The Journey encourages subscribers both nationally and internationally.

As an entrepreneur, Katrina is the founder and CEO of Re‐Source Solutions, a personal development company dedicated to providing, “Real People with Real Answers to Real Questions.” Katrina is the author of two books: This Is for You!:31 Days of Life‐Changing Discoveries (2008, Pleasant Word) and G.I.F.T.: Growing In Faith Today! (2010, WinePress).

Katrina currently serves as Senior Program Officer at Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina, a philanthropic organization committed to addressing poverty in SC. In her role, Katrina leads the grant making processes and the Foundation’s Carolina Academy for Nonprofits. A teacher at heart, Katrina also serves as an adjunct instructor at Columbia College in Columbia, SC. Katrina can be reached at

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