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Moments of Inspiration

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There are moments of inspiration; true inspiration, not imagined, not momentary flights of fancy or delusions of my own grandeur, not sparks of my own genius, or of creative bent in self, but rather inspiration in the simple yet so utterly complex realization that we have a Creator, a Lover, a Savior. These moments come in their own flashes, but the time constraints, our fault. Suddenly we see what has always been there, from before our time, before the time of all ancestors.

The way a daffodil, considered by us a weed, shines bright as the sun when viewed up close from the lens of a camera. Its beauty we can only barely capture with a photograph, a painted picture, never truly doing it justice. A butterfly landing so close by it seems there is a purpose to its visit, a special message it wishes to bring, maybe one of peace; a trellis growing with ivy, a plant with its very own mind, which we have not manipulated. These small things spark inspiration, a running desire to match God’s creativity with a tiny piece of ours. We will write, draw, or even just pause to ponder for a while the vastness of it all, and still the intricacy of each, say, minute petal.

The true inspiration we find is in the one creative thought, which is really not so creative but rather basic; that it all does not belong to us, nor can we equal it nor even quite fathom it. The inspiration lies in the knowledge that it is all for Him, by Him. And then, when it is in a seemingly small thing I had never before appreciated, or in the grand eternity of sea, which causes me to fall meekly to my knees, the inspiration sparks in me to worship, to lay prostrate, humbly awed that He would love me. That in the midst of so much beauty, there is I.

Me in my filth, my sin, my unregenerate heart which deceives me over and over and yet He wants me to know Him, to love Him, and all because He loves me. Because, inspired, He created me. He loves me with an unfailing love, with mercy, passion and jealousy.

My brush is laid down; my pen set aside, paper crumpled. Are there even words to express this overwhelming, and yet still lacking bit of understanding? I feel it so intensely that welcome tears come and yet I cannot move for I am awed in His presence. Help me, YAHWEH. It is a simple prayer, one that must be on my lips constantly, for without it I fail. I want to impact You somehow but I have nothing to give. I want it all to be for Your glory. I want every word I utter, every sentence I write, every stroke I paint to point to You and Your Goodness.

I want to have every thought of pride in self-blotted out. It is sin and I want to be white as snow. If I cannot do this, there is no authentic inspiration. If Your Spirit cannot guide me because my ears are closed, then shut my mouth as well. When I hear Your whisper, or when I feel that irresistible craving for you, let time freeze. Let it stop so I have no time to continue on with the temptation to forget. Allow me to stay at Your feet, weeping, praising, laying down my life.

When I rise, I too easily walk without Your guiding hand, fail to see all You have given me, all You have gifted me with, that all creativity, intelligence, knowledge, intuition and understanding is from You alone. I have ideas that are not ordained by You and so please, stop the world from spinning for just a bit. We have all eternity but Heaven can’t come quick enough and here on earth I need to stay right here, clinging to You.

I want to wallow, soak in Your presence, feel it just this strongly, not just for now in this instant of inspiration but always, to run off with You, to leave it all behind and be alone with You, to hear no other’s voice, see no other’s face, if only for a glimpse of Your heart, Your still, small voice, a breeze which is Your embrace, only one reminder of Your love. Let me abide in You. Always be my inspiration

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