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Open Hearts and Open Doors ~ Uganda Trip 2010

Heart of God East Africa

Open Hearts and Open Doors

Dear friends and partners,

What an amazing God we serve!

Nothing or no one could have prepared me for we just witnessed in Uganda!  Nor would I ever could have imagined what would transpire from a group of eighteen chosen men, women and teens. Each with their own purpose and unique gifts, were a blessing to those around them and found a blessing from serving God in their own lives.

2010 Uganda Outreach Team
2010 Uganda Outreach  Team

Mens Conference was well received with over 100 men/pastors and church leaders. The team comprising of Mark Matthews, Aaron Green, Ben Carrier, Paul Lemhkul, and Scott Ingram taught for 4 days on being biblical leaders in the home, church and community. This was the first conference of it’s kind in Tororo. A radio broadcast interview with RockMambo Radio Uganda was done on the last day. Additionally, more than 30 Bibles were distributed during the conference.

God used the men to deliver a much needed messages on the Scriptural role of the man in the family, the church and the community. The reception was overwhelming and professions of faith were given within the first day of the conference. The Holy Spirit moved among the men from both Uganda and the US.  We’re thrilled to report that another conference is already in the beginning stages of planning for next year.  What a testimony to Gods power through His Word!

New Birth in Christ During Tororo Men’s Conference
2010 Men's Conference

The Teachers Conference was also well received with 90-100 teachers from 35 different schools in the Tororo area and Bunambutye. Sharlyn Guthrie and her team of teachers, Wendy Cronbaugh, Norma Vogt, Aaron Green, Andrea Green, and Michelle Lehmkuhl, taught on varying teaching styles and based their teaching on Biblical principals, along with new, exciting and practical teaching styles to enhance the learning environment within the public and private classrooms in Uganda. The theme of the conference was, “From Gravity to Grace.”   In attendance were the Minister of Education, the Mayor and MP from Tororo, along with teachers from Tororo municipality and Kings Primary school in Bunambutye.

Sharlyn Guthrie Opening Teacher’s Conference
Teacher's Conference

The Youth Rally took on a life of its own with traditional song and skits from the Ugandan youth. With that were messages from our US team on living a Christian life, with songs and games.  It ended in a salvation message through which 35 teens came to know Christ as their personal Savior.

Thirty-Five Young People Accepting Christ as Savior
Youth Rally

Opportunity to minister to the hearts of the children and teachers at Smile Africa and Kings Primary School were a blessing to all involved. The needs of the children are great, but the hearts of the team were opened and love poured out toward the children.  Seeds were planted in their little lives helping them to comprehend how much our loving God, the Father of all was present, alive and active in their midst.

The team assisted in feeding, bathing, playing, nurturing and clothing the kids. Sharlyn and the teachers assisted in the classrooms with crafts and songs. A teachers training session is being planned for next year. Praying for enough teachers to train and assist in the classroom during training for a one week period.

Michelle and Children at Smile Africa
Ministering to Children at Smile Africa

Our team of nurses opened up their hearts to healing not only the emotional needs, but the physical as well.  As you can imagine this area is riddled with all kinds of challenges.  Jane Deets and Cheryl Kissling were at the Smile Africa clinic for the first week of the trip. They attended to 100+ children daily with superficial and not so superficial wounds. Many needs went beyond a band-aide; many are in need of antibiotics. Pray with us for God to open the door for paid medical staff at the clinic of Smile Africa.

Jane Caring for Children at Smile Africa

God opened the door as new staff and outreaches were added to the Heart of God East Africa ministry.

Life Transforming Prison Ministry, directed by Saphan Mahunguzi is now an outreach of Heart of God East Africa.  This will be directed in Uganda by Saphan Muhanguzi and his wife, Alex. According to other experienced organizations,it is in our best interest NOT to run these programs ourselves but to have people of the community run them. It shows our integrity to be committed to the principals of justice, sustainability, cultural sensitivity, empowerment and partnerships, as a good friend of mine (Robby) stated.  These values will not only guide us in what we will do, but also help us to identify what we will not do.

Saphan will be under my direction, but as stated above will have better knowledge on how things are run culturally which will give the organization the credibility to keep working within government guidelines.

More specific details on how to be a part of this ministry will come as we add to the website to show you how God is moving through the prison system in Uganda.

Women’s Prison in Entebbe
Women's  Prison

Royal Palace Nursery School is also another partnership of HGEA, although it’s still in the beginning stages. Pastor Steven and his wife Roselyn are committed to partnering with HGEA and steadfast in reaching their entire community with the Gospel through word and action. Blessed to have them with us!

Pastor Stephen and Family
Royal Palace Nursery School
Pastor  Stephen - Royal Palace

In the coming months you will receive specific details on each of our mission outreaches from the Director of each ministry. God is definitely opening doors and opportunities beyond our wildest imaginations.

All He asks is that we have an open, willing, and obedient heart to His work. It was evident in this group that hearts were wide open.

Continue to pray for the ministry and the increasing needs in every area of outreach as God continues to expand His work.  I am faithful to believe God and to stand on His promises, that He that is faithful to begin a good work is faithful to complete it.

The test of a ministry is in the fruit that it bears, and while there is much work yet to be done, the ministry of Heart of God East Africa through the efforts of those involved has shown itself to bear fruit for the sole glory of God!  I pray it continues until the day of Christ Jesus return!

God Bless you all,

Denise Matthews
Executive Director
Heart of God East Africa

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