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From Flower Hair Clips to Soldiers Bible Ministry

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I had surgery this past Christmas break. I was in bed for quite awhile and needed something to keep me busy! I have always loved arts and crafts and my mom took me to JoAnns, an arts and crafts superstore, to get something to keep me from dying of boredom! I picked out three flowers and bought some hair clips.

I had seen flower hair clips and always wanted one… so why not make my own? I wore them as soon as I went back to A&M and everyone complimented on them! There was also this constant nagging within myself to make more of the hair clips (definitely God)!

I prayed and prayed about what to donate the money from hair clips to and, then, one night, I could not sleep. I had been in bed for I don’t know how long and it was 3am and so I just started praying about where the money should go. God SERIOUSLY spoke directly to me and said “Bibles for soldiers.”

Boom! I got online and went to Google, typed it in, looked around and found Soldiers Bible Ministry. PRAYER ANSWERED! I checked it all out online and fell in love with every click! I knew I had to email someone, but honestly, I was worried and doubting and scared to email! I’m not completely sure why… but I planned to email later that week.

The next morning before I had class, I realized I had twenty minutes to spare (this has never happened before), so I felt it was God just stopping the clock for me for twenty minutes to write that email. I press send and run out the door to class. When class is almost over, I check my email and there is already a reply! I open it and start freaking out. I read it and my eyes just filled with tears. I almost had to leave class. God completely answered my prayers. Then everything started taking off and I could not have been more excited!

What really gets me, is God took out the two biggest flaws in my faith: impatience and doubting what He tells me (or understanding what He wants for me). Within 30 minutes of sending the email, I get a reply. Within five minutes of the idea of soldiers popping in my head, I find SBM!

As for the doubting, I have trouble hearing or knowing what God has planned for me. I get lots of “feelings” and “signs,” but I’m never 100% sure that it is God talking to me or just my mind thinking or Satan making me believe it’s what God wants! But the fact that all of this fell into place and how I HEARD God that morning at 3 AM… it is so plainly God in this! Just blows my mind!

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