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Shrouded Responsibilities

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The sons of Kohath in Numbers 4:15-20 really intrigued me when I read about them. They were the Levites responsible for carrying the Holy objects of the Tabernacle. Others took care of the Tabernacle coverings and the all the rods and sockets that formed the framework of the Tabernacle, and they were given carts to haul those items in, but not the Kohathites.

They carried the Holy objects on their shoulders. But what caught my attention was that Aaron and his sons were to go in and cover the Holy items and then the Kohathites could go in and carry them. It made me wonder if those men ever saw the items they were responsible for. They saw the covered forms and were well acquainted with the weight of their responsibility, but they might not have known the details of those items.

There are Christians today that are called to do as the Kohathites did. They carry responsibilities on their shoulders, responsibilities given to them by God, that they don’t know the details of. All they see is the covered shrouded form. All they know is the weight of carrying that responsibility.

Even when we don’t know the details, when we’re simply told to carry the burden, we need to be faithful to the task God has given us.

Can you imagine if the Kohathites had gotten tired of packing something around and simply left it by the wayside? Sure, it’s hard for me to imagine because I know they were carrying Holy furnishings from the Holy Place of God’s Tabernacle, but what about the things I set down and leave by the wayside because I don’t know what’s under the shroud and I’m tired of packing it around? How many times have I left behind something important, even though it was a responsibility given to me by God?

I can’t always understand the assignments God gives me, but that doesn’t mean I can walk away from them. I need to be faithful to the tasks God has given me, whether I can see and understand them or not.

If the burden we’re given to carry is shrouded, it might just be holy. Be faithful to the task God has assigned to you.

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