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Cartoonology – There is Great Theology in Cartoons and Comics

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Pain is something no one enjoys; yet pain is actually a gift from God. Pain serves as a warning to protect us. Pain is necessary although we sometimes would be happy to give it away.

My earliest recollection of pain is from touching a hot stove. Since we lived near the sawmill where my dad worked, we had plenty of free firewood. Back then you could use tin heaters that would glow red when hot. It only took one burn for me to learn the danger of touching a hot object.

There are many types and degrees of pain. There is mental, emotional as well as physical pain. Often the mental and emotional pain people suffer is not obvious, and we have difficulty identifying or sympathizing with them. The pain is real and often deep. We must work harder to have compassion.

King David understood this kind of pain. In Psalm 69, he cried out to God in pain. He identified the source of his pain as his own sin as well as the sin of others. David felt ashamed, humiliated, hated, alone, overwhelmed and without a friend. He begins the Psalm with deep expressions of pain, but he ends the Psalm with singing and praise. How was he able to do that? It was because he turned to God.

Psalm 69:29 (NLT)
29 I am suffering and in pain. Rescue me, O God, by your saving power.

God knows our pain, and through Jesus he gave us a Savior who also suffered pain in every way. Take time to read Psalm 69. 07-03-09

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