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Is There Forgiveness In My Heart?

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As I think of those in my past
And I may not know where to start,
Perhaps I need to ask myself,
Is there forgiveness in my heart?

I know I need to let things go,
And that I shouldn’t hold a grudge.
Even when others have done wrong,
Their actions aren’t for me to judge.

It hurts me more than anyone.
They may not remember or know
The impact of what they have done.
It’s up to me to let it go.

God does not give us an option.
He tells us we are to forgive.
And that should be our desire
As it’s for Him we are to live.

If I’m trying to obey God,
This is a place where I may start.
To look inside myself and ask,
Is there forgiveness in my heart?

(c) Laurie Glass – January 18, 2004

Laurie Glass holds a Christian Counseling degree and is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders.  As a former anorexic, she mentors women in eating disorder recovery.  She is passionate about sharing the hope of recovery through her writing and her website:

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