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The Road to Ashland

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Once a week I have an appointment with my accountability partner. We meet early before our day begins with work, and the busyness of our lives that seems to carry us in different directions.

We spend time sharing how our week has gone and how our relationship with Christ Jesus is going. We pray together and we encourage each other, and at times share some intimate moments that we may have had during that week.
In the midst of our conversation my friend shared with me her experience one early morning on her way to Ashland. She mentioned how in the quietness of the new day dawning, and as the morning dew gives way to the sunlight to waken up the earth; she has an intimate encounter with God the Father!

As she starts out on her drive, the radio is turned off, then she clears off the passenger seat and invites God to sit and talk with her as she goes about her journey. She told me she said, “Okay God have a seat, I have a lot I want to talk to you about.“ In the quietness of the new day she speaks from her heart to her Master. She shares with Him all the cares and the burdens of her heart and has communion with her Heavenly Father one on one. All fears, worries and praises are expressed between the both of them.

Time has no precedence; this is His time with her. No thoughts of what to do today, where to go, who needs what, what errands to run, just thoughts of being with Him. She hears Him speak softly and hears what He has to tell her. His presence is so real, she feels as though she can reach out and touch Him sitting right beside her. He in return hears from her what He longs to hear, how much she loves Him and longs to have time with Him and Him alone. Such an anointing is felt during the time they spend on the road to Ashland, that nothing can take that moment of being in His presence away from her. Nothing!

As she spoke of her time with God, such a sweet expression came upon her face. True joy spoke from her heart of her encounter with the Master. Anticipation of being with Him again in the same manner was felt with every word she spoke.

“Why is it,“she asked,” that in the wee hours of the morning I hear Him and feel Him so close to me? I know He is with me all the time and always hears me when I talk to Him, but why on the road to Ashland is He so real? “

I pondered the question for a moment and thought. Didn’t Mary meet the Lord in the wee hours of the morning at the tomb from where He was raised? During the time when the earth is being awaked by the kiss of the sunlight. A time that not even the birds make a sound until they see the sun beginning to shine through the darkness. During that time, when all is silent He can be heard clearly.

At first Mary didn’t know she was speaking to the Master. Not until Jesus said, “Mary!” Then with the sound of His voice, she knew whom she was speaking to. She knew the voice of the Master. He spoke to her and told Mary what to do, and she did what the Master asked of her.

He says in His word that He knows His sheep by name, and His sheep know His voice. How do we know His voice in a world that is so full of busy, so full of the noisiness of the world? How? We spend intimate time with Him. Just as a newborn child learns to hear the voice of it’s mother by listening, we in turn learn to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father by listening. We must take that time and spend the intimate moment alone listening and getting to know His voice. Then, when trials and temptations come we can be soothed and guided by the sweet gentle way He will call our name.

Every one of us needs to take a journey down the road to Ashland every day of our lives. Before our days begin with the busyness of the day, before the children awake, and before the first pot of coffee is brewed, we need to sit down, clear off that seat and say, “Sit down God, you and I have got to have a talk!”

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