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Worship for Warriors – Soliders Bible Ministry

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Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) has been blessed with a very special request for which we need your help in January 2011. A military chaplain (we will call him “Chaplain Rick” for purposes of anonymity and confidentiality) who is ministering to special operations (Green Beret) forces in Afghanistan asked us for traditional Christian worship songs he could use during services with his flock. Upon review of the market place and his specific needs, we have been blessed with a volunteer who is pursuing the recording of a special CD tentatively titled “Worship for Warriors” to share with this chaplain and his unique congregation.

Chaplain Rick indicated most all those in his congregation have grown up with contemporary Christian music. He feels led to introduce these men to the classics such as The Old Rugged Cross and other hymns. Rick said most of them aren’t comfortable singing aloud. However, providing them with worship music sung by an all-male chorus will help them be less self-conscious and more apt to forget about themselves and focus on worshiping the Lord with the rich words and music of traditional hymns.

He has noticed that when the room is filled with music, they are much more comfortable and soon find themselves singing at the top of their lungs in praise to our Lord! We were told that female vocalists, while beautiful in sound, are a distraction to deployed special operations professionals; therefore, Chaplain Rick wants to provide an all-male chorus to lead his special congregation in worship. The Lord is working in beautiful, unique ways as veterans and other military-supporting men (and women behind the scenes) are being recruited to volunteer their time and talents in the production of this recording.

Initial quotes for studio recording time and other production essentials are in the thousands of dollars. Although we haven’t been able to capture all the anticipated expenses yet, this is what we need to meet the needs of initial production:

Recording Studio

Contingent Overrun Fee


CD Production Initial Run


“Purchase” Fees for Copies

Total Expenses

While we are trusting in the Lord’s perfect provision and blessing, we are asking you to partner with us by making a year-end contribution to Soldiers Bible Ministry. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to start out 2011 than to provide a beautiful collection of hymns which will draw the modern day warrior into worship.

We need your help to meet our immediate goals for this project. For your donation of $50 or more, we will send you a final copy of the studio production as a token of our grateful appreciation once it has been completed.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Soldiers Bible Ministry! As always, please continue to keep all our troops, allied forces personnel, and all military families in your constant prayers.

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