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Celebrate our Differences

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I have the most beautiful bouquet of spring flowers on our kitchen table. Pink and lavender Hyacinth, yellow & white daffodils, multicolored tulips.  They are so beautiful and each one has its own fragrance. God created each  so unique, different and beautiful to the eye. Alone, each has its own beauty, but put them together and you have a bouquet!

I think people are like that…individuals…each one unique…but in a family, friendship, community it can be like a bouquet. We each just have to see the individual and value and appreciate them, then understand that put together in a marriage, a family, a community it can be beautiful. But we first have to see the value and beauty that God has created in our own lives and then let HIM help us see that in others.

There is a lady that comes into the Lighthouse. She probably would not seem beautiful at first look…she is slightly deformed, and has a skin disease that covers her whole body but she has the kindest spirit. I always I give her a hug good bye. I don’t know if she gets many hugs, but it is always a blessing for me when she smiles as she says good bye.

Just as different flowers have different fragrances, people have different personalities…if we appreciate those are who different, who perhaps look different, and speak differently our lives can be enriched and not threatened. If we look at our own lives we are going to be different. We start as a baby, a toddler, young man or woman then adult and if we live long enough…old. Each stage has a different beauty, a different fragrance.

So if we cannot even stay the same throughout out our brief life, then let us be more patient with those around us who are at different stages in their lives. God has created us to be loving and accepting. How do I know? Because those are two of the things that each of us desire in our own lives…and it seems that one of the principles of life that God has written in our hearts is that in order to receive it…you first must give it.


Linda Kropp got saved at 14.  ” I always say that I didn’t get into a lot of trouble…because my mom wouldn’t let me!”  Linda was a was a missionary from 1973-1985 in the States, Europe and Asia, 9 of those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Her husband was in the same mission, “Christ is the Answer” and they were married in Sri Lanka in 1980.

They have one daughter, Elisabeth, a son-in-law and a 4 yr. old granddaughter and another granddaughter due in July.  They attend College Avenue Baptist Church in Bloomington where they both are Sunday School teachers.  In September of 2009, Linda was praying about a way to help missions and she felt the Lord put on her heart to open a thrift store in Clinton, IL and give 100 % of the profits to missions, crisis pregnancy centers and food pantries. So she did.  They also have a weekly Bible study; a mentoring program for homeschooled and public school students. We work with DOVE (a domestic violence program), the IDHS in Lincoln, and the Red Cross Disaster Relief.  They also have had 69 people commit their lives to Christ since they opened. It has become a ministry…and that is just the ones who have gotten saved. Many people come in daily with prayer needs and they pray for them.

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