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God’s Not Grey! His Love is Written in Black and White.

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Tweet 50 Shades of What? By now you’ve heard of the book or the movie, 50 Shades of Grey. It’s not simply a love story. It’s not sweet or romantic. The books and story are centered on a dark and complex sexual relationship. Its messages are complex and even degrading. There is no denying that more »

Beautiful One – Christian Testimony (Video)

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Tweet Yasmeen Suri was born in India. She was raised believing in the gods of her culture. Years after she came to the United States of America, she had an amazing encounter with Jesus Christ. She was delivered from many New Age beliefs and false religious doctrines. Yasmeen was searching for the truth in religion more »

In Search of Silence

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Tweet Your love is the space In which I exist. Your truth and inspiration Drive light Into the darkest corners Of my life. If time were mine to give, I would give it all to you. Walk awhile upon my journey And steal a place in my heart. With your eyes, Upon these words, You, more »

Training the Untrained Pastors

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Tweet Dear partners and friends, We are blessed to share with you an update from Pastor Suresh in India. He sent a newsletter to share with you so you are up to date with his plans to pursue formal Bible training in order to be better equipped to train our native untrained pastors. Because many of more »


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Tweet Cartoonology. There is great theology in cartoons and comics. You can get a dog to do almost anything through rewards. People respond to rewards, too. But we need to be careful about being motivated by rewards only. There is a higher motivation – love, and even a dog can be motivated by love. M. more »

From Out of the Dark Sea

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Tweet From Out of the Dark Sea     It was pitch dark on the beach. Fear nearly beat a hole in my chest, drowning out the roar of the waves punching the shore. Sand filled my shoes as we ran making them like weights tied to my numb legs. The salt in the air more »

Now I Know How Noah Must Have Felt

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Tweet I enjoy rain when it dances on the flowers on a hot summer afternoon invigorating the day and making everything smell fresh and clean. That is what rain is supposed to do. I believe it is found in section three, paragraph 17 of the Rain Contract. But lately, I think Madame Rain has outdone more »

Forgiveness, An Action Verb

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Tweet “Oh no, now what did she do?” asked Mandy. Julie sighed and gave a detailed account of her emotionally exhausting morning. The lunchtime crowd in the diner easily drowned out the commiserations of the two friends. They were allies against a single office foe; a foe so cunning and vindictive that it would take more »

Tips for Insecurities

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Tweet INTRODUCTION: Do you struggle with insecurities or low self-esteem? I think we all do, at least at times. The problem Christianity is facing today regarding this issue is unbiblical preaching on how to deal with insecurity. So many preachers today are really nothing more than motivational speakers. All they do is try to make more »

Daddy’s Home

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Tweet Daddy’s Home   I stared out the big bay window of our old farm house anxiously waiting for my father to come home. It was pretty common knowledge around our house that I was a Daddy’s girl. Daddy said that he was hooked on me the first time he held me in his arms more »

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