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Yom Kippur…Forgiveness

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Tweet   Tonight, at sundown, (Tishri 9 or September 25, 2012) Israelis will humble themselves before God in prayer, fasting and abstaining from any kind of work or personal pleasure. All forms of entertainment shut down, restaurants and businesses close. It is the highest Holy Day of Israel, Yom Kippur, and the nation of Israel more »

Isaiah 17 and 19…Current Events

Tweet Are you paying attention to the headlines about the latest developments in the Middle East? You don’t need a newspaper, or the internet, you can read about them in the Bible! Isaiah 17 begins: “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” more »

Israel~Taking Back Her God-Given Land

Tweet Things are heating up in the Mid-East as Syria moves its scud launchers close to Israeli and Turkish borders. This is a key strategy that could result in fulfilling the Isaiah 17:1-3 prophecy about Damascus, the capital of Syria. From the Complete Jewish Bible: This is a prophecy about Dammesek: “Dammesek will soon stop more »

Yom Ha’atzmaut, Isra’el!

Tweet Happy 64th Birthday! We are the same age.  We are both blessed by God.  And He will remember His promises to us… to keep us, to guard us from our enemies, to love and cherish and bring us to a good end. Israel has lost nearly 23, 000 citizens and soldiers through these years more »

Morning Anew

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Tweet   I awoke from tear-stained dreams of grief and despair, to the dim light of dawn. Deep vermillion seeped into the indigo of the receding night sky and highlighted the waves of clouds overhead. A shiver ran through me as the red sun emerged and sent rays of light across the undersides of the more »

Persia, Iran and Purim Today…

Tweet In Israel this week, beginning the evening of March 7th, Jews will celebrate the festival of Purim with mardi gras-like pageantry and sumptuous meals. But there is more to Purim than just festivals and food. There is also fasting, praying and tzaddaka, doing good deeds, especially to the poor. The moral of the story more »


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Tweet Israel, O Eretz Yisra’el, how I long for you. What I wouldn’t give to traverse your land and breathe in the sacred air of your past, feel the sands of your present days, and weep at the Wall for your immediate future. I long to sit on the Mount of Olives and listen to more »

Hebrew Names of God

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Tweet The word, God, has come to be rather common place, not just in general use around the world, but sadly, also among Christians. It is rarely spoken with awe or reverence. I’d like to show just how magnificent His Name is…to the extent that we begin using it with the respect it is due. more »

Pray for Israel, for the Jewish people, and for Jerusalem

Tweet When I think of Israel, I think of the Psalms. King David penned the most beautiful descriptions of God’s land, and when I read them, I can picture the mountains and valleys, streams and deserts. I can see the oceans and hillsides, sunsets and sunrises. I hear praise and enter into the Temple with more »

A Light in the Darkness…

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Tweet Hanukkah Sophie Mendel sat on the ledge of her family’s front room bay window. She pressed her forehead against the cold pane and stared at the holiday display of lights across the street. It would be Christmas soon for their neighbors. For her family, it was a time of much soul-searching as to what more »

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